NYFW SS16: Vivienne Tam

NYFW Street Style (via Girl x Garment)

Photos by Brittanny Taylor Photography

Top | Jeans (similar here) | Heels | Bag | Lip (limited edition, no longer available)

This fashion week, I had an entirely new experience: the opportunity to attend a show. While I've walked in shows in the past, throughout my entire modeling career, I've never actually been a member of the audience. It was so great to get to see the results of all the hard work that I know goes on backstage, and getting to watch on the main New York Fashion Week stage made it all the more special. I attended the Vivienne Tam SS16 show, opting for an all-black ensemble with my favorite metallic heels. I really like the combination of distressed denim with the structured silhouette of this top.

NYFW Street Style (via Girl x Garment)
NYFW Street Style (via Girl x Garment)
NYFW Street Style (via Girl x Garment)

Model x Nerd

Model: Maeve Stier (via Girl x Garment)

Soo I had planned another post for today but I realized it's been a while since I've updated any of my modeling work on here and then this happened. 

Model: Maeve Stier (via Girl x Garment)

My inner dork (aka the excitable Psychology major that I am) could not be more excited to see my modeling side and my psych-nerd side come together in a national magazine. A few months ago I was booked to shoot this editorial for Psychology Today and I had planned to take some video/behind the scenes footage for the blog but, being me, I ended up being so caught up in the shoot that day that I really only ended up taking I think two videos of the makeup table and maybe one of the clothing rack... oops. But at least I ended up with the final product! It was a fun day shooting with three other models (all of whom are also in the editorial!) and I thought the concept was pretty awesome. It's all very shadow-y and shady to go along with the cover article on deception. The photo I'm in turned out even better than I thought it would. I feel badass. Almost ready to hop into the Bad Blood music video (a girl can dream).

If you guys want to check it out, grab a copy of this month's Psychology Today. I found mine while in the check-out line at Whole Foods (ha!) so I know you can find it there. Cheers!

Model: Maeve Stier, Magazine: Psychology Today

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Model: Maeve Stier | Girl x Garment

All photos by Jonathan Taylor Photography

In the modeling world, "digitals" (also known as "polaroids") are some of the most important photos you have. Clients and agencies want these photos because they have these specific qualities: the model has no makeup on, the photos are raw (completely unedited), there's barely any posing involved, and the model is wearing simple (not distracting) clothing. Yesterday, I got to hang out with the wonderful Jon Taylor and shoot some quick new digitals with him. 

Model: Maeve Stier
Model: Maeve Stier
Model: Maeve Stier | Girl x Garment
Model: Maeve Stier

On set of The Heat


A still from the movie: my scene with Sandra Bullock.

A few years ago, I was given the wonderful opportunity to work in a very small role on the set of The Heat (2013). It was the summer before my Junior year of college, and the idea of starting a blog had been milling around in my head for a while, so I had just bought my first DSLR camera. I brought it on set with me to document the process and now, years later, I thought it would be fun to share my experience on set.

How long were you on set? Three days total - one day of rehearsal and two days of filming with the entire crew.

Makeup Tent | Girl x Garment

In the hair & makeup trailer.

When & where? August 2012 in Boston. We shot at Royale and the crew was set up across the street in a parking lot filled with trailers.

Vanity | Girl x Garment

The little vanity in my trailer

Did you have a speaking role? Nope! My role was very very small. Technically called a "principle role", but I was basically a tiny step above an extra.

On Set | Girl x Garment

My trailer while on set.

What was the audition like? I went to a small casting studio in Boston, where I had been told to come wearing "going-out attire". I waited in a room with all of the other women auditioning, then was brought into a conference room where I spoke with a casting rep. He filmed me stating my name, age, agency, and a little about myself, and then handed me a part of the script to look over and explained the scene to me. He then put on upbeat music and I acted out the scene, which was mostly comprised of me dancing around like I would normally do with friends on a night out. A few days later, my Boston agency called to let me know that I had been cast for the role and made sure I was available for the filming dates.

Wardrobe | Girl x Garment

Wardrobe for the scene

What was filming like? Everyone on set was insanely nice, and the girls in my scene were given trailers for the three days we were on set (which seemed so unreal to me since we had suchhhh small roles). Each morning, I arrived on set at around 6 or 7AM and ate breakfast from craft services in my trailer until someone came to get me. I'd go to the beauty trailer to have hair/makeup done, and then I'd head back to my trailer, watch some tv, and wait for wardrobe to bring me my clothes for the day. After I was dressed and ready to go, they would bring me and the other principle roles over to Royale, which was packed with extras. We would shoot the scene a few times with stand-ins, and then the lead actors were brought in. For a scene that was so short in the movie, it took three days to film! During downtime in Royale, they had a holding room upstairs for me and the few other "LeSoire" girls, where we could hang out and have food while the crew was fixing lighting or moving around the extras. We were on set for 12+ hours each day.

What scene are you in? What was your role? The "Club Ekko" scene. My role, as explained to me, was that I was a club-going friend of LeSoire (Adam Ray), and that I was going to get annoyed when Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy's characters came in and attempted to get LeSoire away from us. They told us to essentially dance-fight with Bullock and McCarthy.

Maeve Stier | Girl x Garment

Is your name in the credits? Yes (under "LeSoire Dancers", ha!)

Did you get to meet anyone in the movie? Yes! I got to meet and film with Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, and Adam Ray. The director, Paul Feig (director of Bridesmaids as well), also came over and introduced himself before explaining the scene to us prior to filming.

On Set | Girl x Garment

Sending a quick photo of the final look to my sister before being taken over to set

Was this your first acting experience? Not counting a musical in high school, yes! I'd be so thrilled to do more work like this.

On Set | Girl x Garment

Girl x Chynna Pope

Editorial | Model: Maeve Stier

Photos: Danny Kim | Fashion by Chynna Pope | Hair & Makeup: Noel McKinnon

 I was freezing the day of this shoot, but that's the last thing on my mind when I think of these lookbook shots for Chynna Pope. Danny, Noel, and Chynna were a rockstar team, and it made me realize that one of my favorite things about my job is that I get to work with such creative and talented people. If you're in the mood to feel like a total rockstar sea goddess (who isn't?), these are the people to go to.

Editorial | Model: Maeve Stier
Editorial | Model: Maeve Stier
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