Blush colors have been popping up everywhere in fashion lately, so it's no surprise that Pantone has named "Rose Quartz" the "color of the year". Technically there are two Pantone Colors of the Year in 2016 (the other being "Serenity", a light blue), but really Rose Quartz is winning. 

Honestly if I could just Rose Quartz my closet/makeup/everything that would be great.


Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner (click here if you need outfit inspo), I thought it would be fitting to use the pretty Pantone hue in a Valentines-inspired makeup tutorial. This rosy-gold eyeshadow look is unreal. Blue eyed babes, this will make your blues really pop. And my brown eyed girls need to get on this STAT because it's going to look so. freaking. good.

Fall/Winter Favorites

So remember when I said that videos would not be their own blog posts anymore? Just kidding. I decided they're still going to be.

Anyways, here's a collection of things that I've been obsessing over for the past few months - everything from books to beauty. I recommend that you click here and watch this video on YouTube (instead of just watching it on this screen!) so that you can see all of the things I mention listed below the video.

Blake Lively Makeup Tutorial!

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Blake Lively has been one of my favorite celebs since her Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants days (side note: at this point we realize those pants were straight-up jeggings, right?).

When I spotted this gorgeous photo of her on Pinterest a while ago, I really wanted to recreate her look - but I'll admit, I was definitely intimidated by the BRIGHT hot pink lip. If done right, a bold lip color can look bangin'. If done wrong - not so much.

The most important part of this look is to balance out the pink. You can't go super heavy on the eye makeup or it looks a little cray (read: you'll look like an overdone Barbie doll), so this tutorial should help you to find that perfect balance. This is such a great look, especially with holiday parties and New Years events around the corner. Have fun channeling your inner Blake!

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

My newest video is up on my YouTube channel! This week I'm showing you guys what I tend to use on days when I wear makeup. I'm always interested to see what products and techniques people use regularly, so I love these kind of videos. This is what I'm likely to wear if I'm running around the city or seeing friends - if I'm heading to a casting, I'll skip the liquid liner.

So, if you want to see what I do to make my face look the way it does, check it out! Be sure to head over to YouTube to see my channel and watch my video on YouTube's platform so you can get all the details in the description box and have the option to like and subscribe! Cheers

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