Spritz Season!

Itz Spritz New York (via @maevestier)

Note: the content in this blog post is intended for those 21+

Finally: the days are longer, the temperatures are higher, and we’re just a few weeks away from our favorite rooftops opening again.

(Can you tell I’m a warm weather kind of girl?)
And you know what that means: S P R I T Z E R S E A S O N. I’ve always been such a fan of Spritzers - and I can’t help but associate them with springtime picnics, sunsets on the Boston Esplanade, cocktail hour with the girls, and brunches under patio umbrellas. I don’t think it gets much better - which is why this spring, I’m so happy to be partnering with Itz Spritz: an all-natural (nothing artificial!) canned spritz drink with an ABV of only 4.2 (think: refreshing, not super boozy).

Springtime Essentials with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)

Of their three flavors (which you can check out here), their Elderflower Citrus is definitely my favorite. I brought a case along on my girls weekend trip to NYC and they were a huuuuge hit with my friends - especially because one friend has a gluten intolerance, and Itz Spritz is 100% gluten free! Plus, cheers-ing with spritzers overlooking the NYC skyline was the best way to celebrate Spring’s arrival.

Spritzer Season with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)

If you want to try out Itz Spritz for yourself, you can check out the Store Locator on the Itz Spritz website. Warning: you may have a new favorite brunch beverage.

Brunch with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)


This post was created in partnership with Itz Spritz.

Dinner in Diamonds

Legal Harborside x Hearts On Fire (via @maevestier)

Jumpsuit | Diamond earrings, rings, and necklaces c/o Hearts On Fire

Last weekend, I had such a pinch-me moment. Hearts On Fire, a diamond company based in Boston, dressed me in some of their gorgeous pieces and whisked me (and a friend!) away to a swanky dinner on the water. Dinner was at Legal Harborside, a restaurant in Boston’s Seaport that houses three distinct dining concepts. The first floor is casual dining, the rooftop is a sushi lounge, and the second floor (where we dined!) is an upscale experience - perfect for date nights or special occasions.

I won’t lie, I never wanted to take the jewelry off. You can’t imagine how much effort Hearts On Fire puts into each piece and how much attention to detail goes into each and every stone. Jewelry is such a perfect gift, not matter the occasion - and if you’re looking for something really special, I definitely recommend Hearts On Fire (check out their website here or their Instagram here).

Dinner at Legal Harborside
Dinner at Legal Harborside Second Floor

Toasting with gin fizzes (over oysters and truffle fries!)

Hearts on Fire Diamond Rings

I maaaaay or may not have worn the rings to brunch the following morning as well.

Special thanks to Hearts On Fire and Legal Harborside for sponsoring this post.

Halloween 2018

Flamingo Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween loves!

In all the craziness this year, I wasn’t able to create a “costume ideas” blog post as I normally do - which I apologize for, since I know you guys have really liked that in the past. I promise I’ll try to bring it back next year!

Although it seemed difficult to top my SUN costume from last year, this year I landed on a costume idea that seemed pretty perfect: a flamingo. It’s tall. It’s pink. It’s me.

Unfortunately, flamingo costumes don’t really exist (and when they do, they aren’t very cute), so I didn’t have much to base my costume around. Keep scrolling to read all about the final look and the inspiration behind it!

I wasn’t sure if my costume was going to work until I found this dress.

Since I love Halloween so much, I actually started planning my costume about a month in advance - and a quick “pink feather dress” Google search brought me to this under-$100 blush pink feather number that was just too perfect.

I really like that the dress is a blush pink instead of a magenta, and the feather skirt is really cute (although can be difficult to zip).

Pink Fabric Angel Wings

The next challenge: wings.

Turns out that it’s super hard to find pink feather wings. There are a ton of butterfly or fairy options online, but I needed these to be bird wings. I considered making my own (or even buying white angel wings and dying them pink somehow), but a part of me wanted something that went down my arms (and wasn’t just sitting on my back). I ended up finding these children’s costume fabric wings at the very last minute. I ordered them and ended up fixing the elastic ties so that they would fit around my arms.

And finally: the makeup.

I love a costume that allows me to play around with makeup, so this was really fun for me. I based my makeup around a few images I found on Pinterest and Instagram (this bright pink Fenty Beauty highlighter was an excellent purchase for this look) and used the Kristen Ess Rose Tint to temporarily dye my hair pink to match the rest of the look.

And with that… I’m off to go plan for next year!

(Kidding! Kind of)

Happy Halloween!

Instagram Decides My Day

Flowers & Floral Prints | @maevestier

A few weeks ago, I let Instagram decide my day.

I posted several polls on my Instagram Stories and had YOU vote on what I should do with my day. I would post two options on a poll, give about 10-20 minutes for people to vote, and then do whatever the winning option (at the time) was. As someone who loves to plan, it was a little bizarre for me to not know where I was going for breakfast or what my coffee order would be - but it ended up being a really fun morning (and something that I might do again). 
Scroll down to follow along with my day!


WHAT TO WEAR: Top & Pants or Dress?

Top & Pants
This Or That?
Patterned Dress

YOU CHOSE: Top & Pants
For an 85-degree day in Boston, I gave you two easy & lightweight outfit options that have never been on the blog before. Thanks to your votes, I ended up getting compliments on my pants for the rest of the day.
(Shop my pants here & top here)


WHERE TO GO FOR BREAKFAST: Tatte or Mother Juice?

Mother Juice Boston | @maevestier

YOU CHOSE: Mother Juice
Next up: breakfast! I gave you the choice between two local Back Bay spots: Tatte (bakery/cafe + coffee) or Mother Juice (Smoothie/juice spot). After 20 minutes, the votes were in Mother Juice's favor, so I headed over to to grab a smoothie bowl. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, the votes have flipped to Tatte's favor - but I wasn't going to wait too long to eat breakfast!


COFFEE ORDER: Iced Vanilla Latte or Iced Chai Latte?

Pavement Coffee Newbury | @maevestier

YOU CHOSE: Iced Vanilla Latte (my fave!)
I need my caffeine in the morning, so after breakfast I went in search of coffee. My go-to order tends to be an iced vanilla latte, but I have a newfound appreciation for iced chai lattes, so I made that an option as well.


WHERE TO SHOP: Reformation or TJMaxx?

Reformation Boston | @maevestier

YOU CHOSE: Reformation
Back Bay is filled with retail stores, so next up I wanted to go do a little shopping. There's a gorgeous new Reformation store that just opened a few months ago (so my style), and down the street there's also a large TJMaxx where I usually pick up some pretty great finds. I told you that I'd put together a few looks at whichever spot you chose. Thanks to you, I ended up finding some really cute new arrivals at Reformation (which you may end up seeing in upcoming posts!).

Reformation Boston | @maevestier
Reformation Boston | @maevestier
Reformation Boston | @maevestier


WHERE TO TAKE A PHOTO: Umbrella Patio or Flowerpot Steps?

Newbury Street, Boston | @maevestier
Newbury Street Boston | @maevestier

YOU CHOSE: Flowerpot steps
I spent the morning with my friend and photographer, Nicollette, who shot photos along the way during the day. For an outfit shot, I found two great locations - a storefront patio with the cutest striped umbrella and a set of residential stairs that were filled with flowerpots (which seriously matched my pants). If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram, you will have seen the resulting photo photo in my feed!


In case you missed it: you can still watch my IG stories from my "Instagram Decides My Day" on my highlights here!

Most photos by Nicollette Petersen.


Apartment Tour

Studio Apartment | @maevestier

My updated apartment tour is finally here!

You might remember my first Boston apartment feature on Apartment Therapy back in December (check it out here). Since then, I've made a few changes to my space - and Apartment Therapy sent their lovely writer and photographer, Anna Spaller, to do a full feature on my studio (including the bathroom and kitchen, which were not included in the first post).
I'm so happy with how the House Tour turned out. These photos are just a small preview - head on over to Apartment Therapy to see the full article (featuring my newest obsession: my emerald velvet couch).

Blogger House Tour | @maevestier

Photos via Apartment Therapy by Anna Spaller

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