Spritz Season!

Itz Spritz New York (via @maevestier)

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Finally: the days are longer, the temperatures are higher, and we’re just a few weeks away from our favorite rooftops opening again.

(Can you tell I’m a warm weather kind of girl?)
And you know what that means: S P R I T Z E R S E A S O N. I’ve always been such a fan of Spritzers - and I can’t help but associate them with springtime picnics, sunsets on the Boston Esplanade, cocktail hour with the girls, and brunches under patio umbrellas. I don’t think it gets much better - which is why this spring, I’m so happy to be partnering with Itz Spritz: an all-natural (nothing artificial!) canned spritz drink with an ABV of only 4.2 (think: refreshing, not super boozy).

Springtime Essentials with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)

Of their three flavors (which you can check out here), their Elderflower Citrus is definitely my favorite. I brought a case along on my girls weekend trip to NYC and they were a huuuuge hit with my friends - especially because one friend has a gluten intolerance, and Itz Spritz is 100% gluten free! Plus, cheers-ing with spritzers overlooking the NYC skyline was the best way to celebrate Spring’s arrival.

Spritzer Season with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)

If you want to try out Itz Spritz for yourself, you can check out the Store Locator on the Itz Spritz website. Warning: you may have a new favorite brunch beverage.

Brunch with Itz Spritz (via @maevestier)


This post was created in partnership with Itz Spritz.

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