Sentimental Pieces: Morocco

Moroccan Silver Metal Bag | @maevestier

In September, I wrote a post called Sentimental Pieces about a pair of handmade sandals I picked up on a trip to Italy. Writing that post made me realize how many special memories are attached to certain outfits and accessories - so I've decided to share another sentimental piece with you today.
Some of you may remember my vacation in Morocco this November. I was there for a family wedding and had the opportunity to see a lot of Marrakech during the week-long trip. On what was one of my favorite days, my family and I ventured into the Moroccan markets with a local guide. He took us to these wonderful stores hidden deep within the markets. We visited a shop that specialized in Argan Oil (also known as "Moroccan Oil") and watched the process of how it was made right there in the store. We saw handmade woven rugs, intricate Kaftans and slippers, local spices, beautiful silver lamps - the list goes on and on. In one particular shop, I became infatuated with these gorgeous silver metal crossbody bags. I ended up purchasing the one in the photo above, inlaid with carved camel bone. I wore it a few nights later at the rehearsal dinner and couldn't stop staring down at it. Now that I'm home, I've gotten so much wear out of it - it's a truly unique bag to add to my wardrobe, and it's impossible to wear it without reminiscing about that magical trip.

Marrakech Spice Market | @maevestier

Spices and soaps in the Marrakech markets.

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