How To Wear A Bandana Scarf

Scarf in Hair | @maevestier

One of my favorite things about the beginning of a new season is that it often forces me to play around with my wardrobe a little more. In one of my Chic This Week installments at the beginning of March, I highlighted a cute photo I had found of a silk scarf tied around a bag - and from there I started thinking about all the various other ways to add a scarf to a look. I love a good versatile piece, so today I'm highlighting my three favorite ways to wear a bandana scarf this spring.

As a hair accessory

Wear as a headband (I love how Pia Muehlenbeck does this!), wrap around a topknot, or tie around a pony to make an everyday hairstyle a little more special.

Bag with scarf | @maevestier

Add it to your bag

Especially around a basic tote or cross-body, tying a scarf around your purse looks super cute and adds a fresh element to something you're already carrying around on a daily basis.

Bandana Scarf | @maevestier

Tied around the neck

This is such an easy way to spice up a basic top. My instinct is normally to reach for jewelry, but this spring try adding a bandana scarf instead. Plus, there are so many different ways to tie it - like THIS or THIS or THIS.

Check out some of my favorite bandana scarves below & try out one or all of these styles for yourself!

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