How To Hide That You Overslept

How To Hide That You Overslept | @maevestier

Sweater (similar) | Denim | Earrings c/o Baublebar (similar) | Lipstick

Today I'm letting you in on one of my biggest style hacks: how to look chic & put-together when you've overslept.

It happens to the best of us: we forget to set the alarm or maybe we think we pressed "snooze" when we've really turned our phone alarm OFF. We've all been there - and today I wanted to walk you through my go-to's for those mornings when I have barely any time to get ready.

Step 1: Opt for an all-black ensemble

Don't waste time trying to figure out if this top goes with these pants - go for an entirely black look. Time after time, all black outfits are the easiest way to look good with minimal effort. Black top/pants/skirt/dress, shoes, and bag. Done.

Secerts to Getting Ready Quickly | @maevestier
Look Put Together With Minimal Effort | @maevestier

STEP 2: Quick Hairstyle

On those days when I don't have time to do anything with my hair, I opt for a sleek chignon. It's ridiculously simple, but manages to make you look put-together and like you mean business. No muss, no fuss hairstyle in 10 seconds.

Low Chignon | @maevestier
How To Get Ready Quickly | @maevestier

Step 3: a statement earring

Statement earrings have this magical effect that makes it seem like some effort went into your look. They're eye-catching and pair really well with a pulled-back hairstyle like the low chignon.

Add A Red Lip | @maevestier

Step 4: Add a Lip

We're running late, so no time for your usual makeup routine. Apply quick and very minimal makeup (maybe concealer and a swipe of mascara if you want), then reach for a red lip (or bold lip color of your choice).

How To Hide That You Overslept | @maevestier

Voila - you're done!

These four steps let me rush out the door in total confidence. Will anyone be able to tell that you were asleep less than ten minutes ago? Nope.
Next time you need to catch some extra ZZZs, give it a try.

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