Halloween 2018

Flamingo Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween loves!

In all the craziness this year, I wasn’t able to create a “costume ideas” blog post as I normally do - which I apologize for, since I know you guys have really liked that in the past. I promise I’ll try to bring it back next year!

Although it seemed difficult to top my SUN costume from last year, this year I landed on a costume idea that seemed pretty perfect: a flamingo. It’s tall. It’s pink. It’s me.

Unfortunately, flamingo costumes don’t really exist (and when they do, they aren’t very cute), so I didn’t have much to base my costume around. Keep scrolling to read all about the final look and the inspiration behind it!

I wasn’t sure if my costume was going to work until I found this dress.

Since I love Halloween so much, I actually started planning my costume about a month in advance - and a quick “pink feather dress” Google search brought me to this under-$100 blush pink feather number that was just too perfect.

I really like that the dress is a blush pink instead of a magenta, and the feather skirt is really cute (although can be difficult to zip).

Pink Fabric Angel Wings

The next challenge: wings.

Turns out that it’s super hard to find pink feather wings. There are a ton of butterfly or fairy options online, but I needed these to be bird wings. I considered making my own (or even buying white angel wings and dying them pink somehow), but a part of me wanted something that went down my arms (and wasn’t just sitting on my back). I ended up finding these children’s costume fabric wings at the very last minute. I ordered them and ended up fixing the elastic ties so that they would fit around my arms.

And finally: the makeup.

I love a costume that allows me to play around with makeup, so this was really fun for me. I based my makeup around a few images I found on Pinterest and Instagram (this bright pink Fenty Beauty highlighter was an excellent purchase for this look) and used the Kristen Ess Rose Tint to temporarily dye my hair pink to match the rest of the look.

And with that… I’m off to go plan for next year!

(Kidding! Kind of)

Happy Halloween!

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