Chic This Week 050

What's CHIC this week (v. 50)

I think "box" style bags look really chic, especially when contrasted with softer winter textures and colors.

You know I love a good cutout, so I'm currently on the hunt for a one-shoulder sweater (like this one from Lovers + Friends, which is currently sold out).

Making me nostalgic: a VS model lists her favorite spots in my old neighborhood, the West Village.

This is not an ad, I am just really  o b s e s s e d  with my new Nespresso machine. I now make my morning lattes at home (which means less $ spent on coffee/more $ spent on shoes).

I'm not ditching my pink pom-pom beanie just yet, but I am really into the look of winter headbands/hairbands as a hat alternative. You can expect to see me wearing them in upcoming posts.

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