Beautycon NYC 2017

Blogger BeautyCon NYC

Check that one off the bucket list.

Ever since I started religiously following makeup gurus on YouTube, I've learned alllll about Beautycon: a one-day event for all things beauty. It's like Christmas for the beauty industry. So, you can imagine my excitement when Deco Miami asked if I would come for the day as their brand ambassador. I'm pretty sure I just kept shouting YES at my phone.

I spent the day hanging out at Deco's booth in the influencer's suite, scoping out the other sections of Beautycon, and meeting some seriously rad people in the beauty industry. Check out some of my photos from the day below & read more about some of my favorite finds.

What I wore: Bodysuit | Tank | Denim | Shoes | Bag | Nails

Deco Miami BeautyCon NYC

New in beauty

I saw a lot of emphasis on upping your technique and tools at Beautycon this year. Whether it's an entire Korean Skincare regimen in one convenient mask pack, a shakeable mascara that never dries out, or upgraded tools like a silicon foundation blender or a glass nail file, it seems like the beauty focus of 2017 is really on quality. Sign me up.

Pink Carpet

Popular Products

Products this year centered around one of two things: either enhancing natural beauty or adding a statement to your look. I saw a lot of natural-looking brow products, but I also saw a ton of bold lip colors (especially taupes and deep purples). The key here, in my opinion, is balance. I'm all about the natural look, but I'm also not afraid of adding a deep plum lip color for a night out.

BeautyCon NYC 2017


Trends come and go, but there are some aspects of beauty that will never go out of style. Self-care, whether it's in the form of taking a bubble bath or hydrating your skin, will always be something that is important in the beauty industry. Since I was at Beautycon with Deco Miami, it seems fitting to add nail polish to that category. Color trends may change, but painting your nails and keeping them looking nice is just another aspect of self-care that I don't feel will ever get old.

L'Oreal BeautyCon 2017
PrettyLittleThing at BeautyCon 2017
Deco Miami BeautyCon 2017

A huuuuge thank you to Deco Miami for bringing me along for this experience.

They're such a rad company. I literally have their nail polish bottles littered around my apartment because they're too pretty to put away in a cabinet.

Also, would you guys want to see a little haul of what I picked up while I was at Beautycon? I'm thinking of doing one on Instagram Stories sometime in the next few days. Head on over to my Instagram to leave me a comment to let me know if I should!

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