Chic This Week 032

Chic This Week 032


The past two weeks have been fantastic, but unfortunately with all the excitement I neglected the blog a little bit. I also had the opportunity to relax and disconnect from my computer for a little bit - highly recommended. And now I'm back, refreshed, and ready to get back up and running with some awesome content for you guys! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for things like NYFW posts and details on my tropical getaway.

For now, though: Chic This Week.

Shoe shine. YES, metallic footwear. I just got a killer pair of shoes that will be coming to the blog shortly - but if you follow my Instagram Stories (@maevestier), you already got a sneak peek.

ALEXIS. Though pricey, this brand has quickly become one of my new favorites. The florals, the silhouettes, the details... I'll take one of everything.

High-waisted jeans. This is nothing revolutionary, but if you're in the market for some new denim, I *highly* recommend going the high-waisted route. With the right fit, they're so flattering and can be paired with pretty much anything.

Faux blow-out. I love this trick - blow dry your hair as you normally would, then use a straightener to flip the ends out and you've got yourself a super pretty faux blowout for $0. Add dry shampoo to your roots for extra volume.

And, of course: Mexico. If you follow me on Insta, you'll know that I turned 25 last week on a surprise birthday trip to a gorgeous resort right on the edge of Cancun. Major, major credit to C, who planned the whole thing.

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