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Welcome to my apartment tour!

This has been a long time coming, but I'm excited to finally share my space with you. Apartment-hunting can be a difficult process, and when I found the space I'm in now, I was feeling both thrilled and overwhelmed. My requirements were that it be bright, light-filled, and dog-friendly (hi Weaver!), so when I discovered a space that offered all of that in addition to crown molding, high ceilings, and a chandelier, I could barely contain my excitement. I felt as if I had found a studio apartment in Paris - not Boston. Studios can be challenging, though, and I didn't want guests to feel as if they were standing in my bedroom when they walked in. I kept that in mind when creating the layout and kept my decor cozy, romantic, and a bit industrial.

Oversized Large Floor Mirror

My favorite thing in the entire apartment? You would probably guess my oversized mirror, which was something I had wanted for over a year. I do absolutely adore the mirror, but my real favorite is this blush-colored chair. It belonged to my grandmother and originally had a dark cherry-wood frame that I later painted white. I love the subtle pop of pink it provides, and it feels special to have an old family piece in my apartment.

Art Above Bed
Dresser Decor
Boston Blogger Studio Apartment
Bedroom Art
Blogger Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment Layout

The apartment isn't quite finished yet - as you can see, I'm still looking for closet storage solutions (so please ignore the moving box that holds my shoes!).
Also, although not pictured, the apartment includes two other rooms: the bathroom is through the door to the left of my closet, and the kitchen is through an archway the far left corner.

Boston Blogger Studio Apartment

Photos by Erin Krespan

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