Chic This Week 047

What's CHIC this week (Vol. 047)

Turns out Taylor's not the only one with a snake theme this season - check out Bulgari's clutches, Gucci's Dionysus collection, and snakes/snake print popping up on clothes & shoes more than usual this fall.

One of my favorite pieces for fall: a leather skirt. I actually just picked up a new one yesterday.

NYFW notes: big sleeves aren't going anywhere.

I'm a huge fan of embellished booties - check out this pair I found for under $100 (I might need these...)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren't really my thing, but I do have a favorite autumnal Starbucks drink. A few years ago, a barista made me an off-menu drink called an "Apple Chai". If you like hot apple cider, definitely give this a try. PS: it's caffeinated (!)

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