The Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

Revlon Blow Dryer

My biggest pet peeve? When my hair is wet.

It clings to my neck, it drips everywhere, and it stays wet for hours - which is exactly why I blow dry my hair almost every single morning. A no-fuss, as-fast-as-possible-so-I-can-sleep-a-little-later blow dry. It's something I've done since high school, so I'd like to think that I'm a bit of an expert by now. So, of course I was excited when Revlon reached out and offered to let me try out their new 360 Hair Dryer & Styler. Since receiving the dryer, I've used it every single morning, and today I'm teaming up with Revlon Hair Tools to share my tips for a low-maintenance (and super fast) at-home blowout.

Revlon 360 Hair Dryer Styler

Here's the thing - this hair dryer isn't what you're used to.

Revlon's new tool has two settings: it can act as a normal dryer with a closed barrel, but you can also twist the barrel to create the tool you see above - the "vertical 360 mode" allows you to actually put your hair into the dryer between two jets of air that dry your hair from the front and back - which not only dries it a lot faster, but the air flows downward, so it also helps to smooth down the hair cuticle for less damage/frizz and more shine. 

Revlon 360 Dryer

Step 1: The rough dry. After getting out of the shower and towel-drying my hair, I use the styler as a "normal" hair dryer and roughly dry my hair until it's about halfway dry (about 2-3 mins). I also make sure to flip my head upside-down and blow cooler air onto the roots to lock in some volume.

Revlon 360 Hair Dryer

Step 2: I section off my hair (normally just into a top layer and a bottom layer) with a clip. I'll twist the barrel of the styler to "vertical 360 mode" and start taking sections of hair and running them through the dryer. The KEY here is holding the end of my hair and slightly angling the dryer when it reaches the end so that it gives the bottom of my hair a little bit of a curve (so much easier than trying to curve the end with a normal dryer and a brush!). Since the hair is getting dried from both sides, each section of hair will dry very fast, and if you do the curve-at-the-end trick, you're left with the effect you normally get from a round brush.

Revlon Hair Tools Blow Dry
Revlon 360 Hair Styler

Step 3: Take down top section of hair and repeat with the vertical 360 mode.

Step 4: I'll switch the dryer back to a "regular" hair dryer and go through to make sure all of my roots are completely dry.

Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

Optional Step 5: Pretend you're in a hair commercial

And that's it! Thanks to Revlon's styler, it takes very little time and I'm left with soft, shiny hair. I'm no professional, but this is about as close to a salon-worthy blow-dry that I can get at home (and without getting my hair all tangled up in a round-brush).

Quick & Easy DIY Blowout
Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

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Photos by Nicollette Petersen.
Special thanks to Revlon Hair Tools for sponsoring this post.

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