Halloween 2017 Ideas

It's almost time...

And I'm so excited. To be perfectly honest, I've had Halloween ideas popping into my head for the past few months, and since last year's post was such a success, I thought I'd do another this year on Halloween costume ideas I'm loving. I already have my costume figured out for this year, but I'd wear any of these other ideas in a heartbeat:

Butterfly Halloween Costume

Idea #1: The Butterfly

I found these awesome butterfly wings randomly on Forever21 and the idea took off from there. I'd go for an all black outfit + these wings + wavy hair + a few glued on butterflies with some Snapchat-inspired butterfly makeup.




Cyborg Halloween Costume

Idea #2: The Cyborg

Any excuse to wear a silver jumpsuit, right? Top it all off with some fierce robot-esque makeup and a sleek ponytail. I really like the metallic neck detail in this inspiration photo.

Idea #3: The Dragon

Forget the Mother of Dragons - why not just be the dragon? You could get super creative with this one, but my first thoughts were a snake print cropped top, dutch braid, and wings.

Dragon Halloween Costume

White Walker Halloween Costume

Idea #4: White Walkers

This is a great one to do with a group of friends. Frosty makeup, white hair spray paint, and an all-white ensemble (or more of a silver "armor" look would work as well). If you're up for it, you can even get icy blue contacts from your eye doctor (just make sure you get them from a doctor!). 

Let me know if you end up using any of these and be sure to follow along on my Instagram to see what I end up wearing this year!

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