Rose Gold Nail Polish

Real talk: my nail polish collection is anything but minimalistic. I like to have a TON of options - but to be honest, there are a handful of colors I always come back to because they're just too good.

I was Pinterest-surfing the other day and came across a post about "having it together", which included the quip "nails can serve as a window to the soul".  As cliché/cheesy as some Pinterest lists can be, that one point really made me want to up my nail game (and never have chipped nails ever again).

Deco Miami Champagne Mami Nail Polish

Enter: the best damn rose gold nail polish out there.

I CANNOT get enough of Deco Miami's "Champagne Mami" polish. They really created the perfect metallic rose gold shade & people are always asking me what color I'm wearing. It's super different from the usual darker/vampy nail colors I like to wear around this time of year - & festive without being crazy-sparkle-glittery.

Deco Miami Gold Nail Polish Bottles

I'm also partial to Deco's brand because of THE BOTTLES. I leave them around my apartment because they look so awesome just sitting on my shelves or laying around on my coffee table. Very on-brand.

My best at-home nail tip? Definitely not mind-blowing, but I get the greatest DIY manicure by not skipping those extra steps: using a base coat, two coats of polish, + a clear top coat. That little extra effort means your polish be super shiny and stay on way longer.

Serious #Nailgoals

++ If you want to recreate the look, you can get $5 off by joining Deco's e-list.

Champagne Rose Gold Metallic Nail Polish
Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Photos by Julianna Dabhura

This post is in collaboration with Deco Miami

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