How To Master Effortless Style

The Secret to Effortless Style

We’ve all walked down the street or scrolled through Pinterest and seen an outfit that, for some reason, really stands out. it could be Kendall Jenner in a white t-shirt and skinny jeans, but somehow she’s making basic pieces look so good. Effortless style can be tricky, which is exactly why I’m breaking down the secrets to mastering the effortless look - so you can walk out the door in the morning with “oops I just look awesome” vibes. 


The Secret to Effortless Style (via Chic Now)

Pieces that fall just-so

Whether that’s a dress with straps that fall elegantly across your back, a tank top that drapes beautifully, or a perfectly-fitted oxford shirt, a large part of looking effortless is when your clothes are doing the most for you. This is why I advocate for investing in those this-looks-awesome, I-have-to-have-it pieces - and also why you should make sure that if something doesn’t fit 100% perfectly, you take it to a tailor. (image 1/image 2)

The Secret to Effortless Style (via Chic Now)

Casual innovation

Effortless vibes can also be achieved by taking something ordinary and editing or changing it slightly from its original state, like a layer tied around the waist, tucking in part of a blouse, or knotting the front of a t-shirt. The slightest change, which I like to call “casual innovation”, makes a low-key but significant difference. (image 1/image 2)

How To Look Effortless (via Chic Now)


Huge points if some element of your look has great movement. Effortless is never heavy, and when your top swings in the breeze or your maxi skirt flows out beautifully behind you, your clothes are capturing attention without even trying. (image 1/image 2)

How to create an Effortless Outfit (via Chic Now)

Thoughtful Layers

Especially as we’re transitioning into cooler temps, it’s important to think about your layers. Somehow, putting a little bit of thought into adding a layer or two can transform an outfit and make it look like you didn’t put any thought into it at all. This is one of the biggest reasons why fall is a beloved time in the fashion world. (image 1/image 2)

How to create an Effortless Outfit (via Chic Now)

Add the right basics

Try mastering the balance between statement pieces and casual pieces. Sometimes adding a basic piece, like simple shoe or a white tee underneath a slip dress, can bring just the right amount of nonchalance. (image 1/image 2)


At the end of the day, achieving the “effortless” look is all about the quality of the clothes and how they are styled. If you try any of these tips, tweet me @maevestier or leave a comment below!

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