New York fashion week has come and gone - but not without bringing some serious style inspiration.

If you know me, then you know that I have a seriously obsessive personality. When I get into something, I get into it. Hardcore.

And while I've always been interested in style, the obsession really hit full swing when I started the blog. Walking down the street is now just a daily exercise in checking out other people's looks - what they're wearing, how they've styled it, the whole 9. I'm not even above taking pictures of strangers when I really like what they're wearing.

With that in mind, it shouldn't strike you as any surprise that I've spent far too much time going through every. single. NYFW. show. And then outlining my main takeaways from each - so you don't have to.


Ulla Johnson NYFW SS17

Ulla Johnson's collection is romantic AF, and comes off as put-together but also playful and undeniably feminine. Main takeaway: ruffled sunset hues and silky fabrics.

Cinq A Sept NYFW SS17

Cinq a Sept caught my eye for their (v flattering) silhouettes and use of dressed-up denim (I've never seen such a Parisian-looking Canadian tuxedo!). The finale look (center) was my favorite: it's like an upscale off-duty, flannel-tied-around-the-waist vibe. Main takeaway: the denim mini is making a comeback.

Rachel Zoe NYFW SS17

Rachel Zoe. I can't get over these airy silhouettes. With the caftans, embroidery, and gilded fabrics, the collection looks like it's just been unpacked from a traveller's suitcase. Main takeaway: pull style inspiration from around the globe.

Self Portrait NYFW SS17

I was impressed with Self Portrait's focus on texture and finding innovative cutout placements. While I normally like lighter fabrics, I really appreciated the sleek architectural aspects of the collection. Main takeaway: structure isn't a bad thing (and cutouts are here to stay).

Sally LaPointe NYFW SS17

The DETAILS of Sally LaPointe's collection are what truly stick out. There's a balance of fringe, beading, sheer panels, and other embellishments that all come together and somehow work. On top of that, the attention to movement is unreal. Main takeaway: embellishments can elevate.

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