How To Look Taller In Flats

How To Look Taller In Flats (via Chic Now)

Heels are not the only sexy shoe.

I feel like flats get a really bad rap sometimes. While I totally embrace my (v tall) height in heels, I'm also a lover of flat shoes. General consensus seems to be that flats are great and easy to walk in, but heels are the real deal, making you look taller and more dressed-up. Sorry, who made this call? 

Don't get me wrong - I freaking love heels. But you can look chic AF in a good pair of flats, too.

Go for a pointed toe.

The easiest way to make those legs look longer in flats? Choose an option with a pointed toe. The eye will end where the shoe does, so that pointed end will visually elongate your legs. This works especially well with nude flats.

Lace-up details & ankle straps.

I love the look of lace-up flats. They'll make you look leggy by drawing the eye along the laces, and they also feel very playful and ballerina-esque. As for ankle details, go for T-straps when you can. They'll make your ankles look teeny tiny, and the T will create a line to keep drawing the eye down so your legs don't end up looking cut-off or stumpy.

Less is more.

In the summer, go for "skimpy" flats - flats that have as little material and show as much skin as possible. Think mule slides, strappy sandals, or d'orsay flats. Not only does this show off more of your legs, it creates a longer and less-busy look - even when straps are involved. This also a good trick when your legs are mostly covered (when wearing pants, maxi skirts, etc.).

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