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I love a good style secret,

Which is why I like to ask people with great style what their number one piece of style advice would be. Since there's so much advice out there (and much of it conflicting), I decided to share my two cents & also reach out to a few bloggers whose style I admire - whether it's because they take risks with major payoff or because they can make a basic tee and jeans look like the chicest thing you've ever seen.

My number one piece of fashion advice is something that so many people in the fashion industry ignore, which totally baffles me. It's so simple:

Don't wear trendy pieces if they don't work - AKA only wear things that you find flattering.

HELLO. Told you it was simple. Such common sense but somany. people. don't. do. this. If high-waisted palazzo pants make you look disproportionate or like you're drowning in fabric, don't wear them! I don't care if they're "trending," if they don't look AMAZING to you, just say no.


"I would say to know which colors (warm or cool tones) flatter you the most. [It] makes all the difference!" -Amber Fillerup-Clark of Barefoot Blonde

This is exactly why I can't wear yellow - warmer tones aren't as flattering on me. This trick also applies to makeup, which is why there are so many different cult-favorite shades of red lipstick.


"Contrast! Mix highs & lows, masculine & feminine pieces, and prints & textures." -Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

Since I tend to gravitate towards feminine pieces with a cool-factor and I love wearing investment pieces with things I find at H&M or Forever 21, this rings so true for me.


"Dress to the beat of your favorite song." -Rachel of I Hate Blonde

This makes me smile, not just because this aligns so well with I Hate Blonde's style, but also because I loove listening to music while I'm getting dressed & getting ready (check out my date night routine post to see what music I'm listening to pre-date night). Sometimes you just want to channel a little Lana or some rock n roll into your look.


Thank you to all bloggers who contributed!

What about you guys? I'd love to know what style advice you follow! Leave a comment below to let me know or tweet me @maevestier

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