Take a look at my Date Night Routine

Date Night Makeup Routine (via Chic Now)

Since my DC move, C and I have made the effort to do date night at least once a week.

Meaning not your standard crash-after-work, cook-dinner-and-watch-Netflix scene; we're talking put on something cute and go OUT. We'll try a new restaurant then find a killer cocktail bar, go see that movie we've been wanting to see, or meet up with friends. It's easily one of my favorite nights of the week, and I like to make the entire night an experience - which is why today, I'm showing you the little things I do pre-date night, before C even arrives to pick me up, that just make it that much better.

Let's start with setting up some ambience.

Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Candle (via Chic Now)

I aim for making date night prep both fun & relaxing. This is my me time - as cliche as that sounds - so I want to have my favorite candle burning (Voluspa's Santiago Huckleberry, please) and some great music playing. Normally when I'm getting ready in the morning, I'll have pump-up music playing or an audiobook or podcast (I liiiiiiive for multitasking. If I'm learning something while I'm doing my mascara? I'm a happy girl). For a night out, I like to switch it up and put on some slower, sultry songs with a good beat.

I actually crafted the perfect kittenish 8tracks playlist that you can totally steal. To my complete surprise, it's actually gone "gold" since I posted it. If you guys are interested, I can add this playlist to Spotify as well.

Date Night Getting Ready Playlist (via Chic Now)

Next up? There's nothing like champs & candy to elevate your night.

As mentioned in my bar cart post, I like to have some champagne chilling in the fridge for when special occasions arise. While I can now make a deelish mojito, sometimes it's nice to indulge and have a few sips of champagne while I'm getting ready. I like to pair it with CANDY. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and I'm a big fan of keeping Sugarfina's Rose Gummy Bears, Parisian Pineapples, or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels on hand for a little snack while I sip.

Best Lipstick Colors (via Chic Now)

Last but certainly not least: getting dolled up.

These are the nights when I like to play around with my hair & makeup (I KNOW, I'm the girliest. Whatever). I'll do some Pinterest surfing and find some inspo or try a new lipstick. YouTube tutorials are great for getting me out of a makeup rut, too. I don't like doing the same exact look all the time - it feels boring to me. Before I finish up, I'll spritz on my all-time favorite perfume & my signature scent: Escada's Island Kiss. I've literally been wearing this citrus-y, floral perfume since 7th grade and I stock up because they only ever release it in limited editions.

Date Night Routine // Get Ready With Me (via Chic Now)

What about you guys? Anything I should add to my indulgent pre-date routine?

Shoot me a tweet @maevestier or comment down below to let me know, and be sure to follow me on Snapchat (@mstier02) to see what C and I get up to on our next night out. Cheers!

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