Oh My Blonde: Hair Care Tips

How to care for blonde hair (via Chic Now)

Hello and happy Tuesday from a BLONDER me.

This is the blondest I've ever been (and I may never go back tbh. I'm OBsessed), and I've been getting a lot of questions from you guys about blonde hair care & going blonder so now seems like the perfect time to make this post.

So let's talk tips and tricks on how to go blonde(r) and do it RIGHT.

My number one ride-or-die tip is to KNOW YOUR TONE. Major key, you need to figure out if you're better suited for warmer tones or cooler tones. If you're not sure, ask your colorist (you should trust them). I've learned that I'm a cool-toned blonde, so I asked my colorist for an icier blonde, slightly lived-in and darker at the roots, and she nailed it.

Cool Tone Blonde (via Chic Now)

ALSO bring photos. Do some pinning and show your colorist *exactly* what you want. Last time I lightened my hair it didn't end up as light as I wanted it, and that's because I brought zero visual aids and my colorist just had to guess. This time around, I brought the photos above (1 & 2)

How To Care for Blonde Hair (via Chic Now)

Lastly - and this is huge - purple shampoo. Blonde hair is less forgiving, so things like sulfate in your shampoo (check the bottle, it's in most) and just your usual shower water can turn blondes brassy or YELLOW. Purple shampoos/conditioners work against that. It's what keeps Khaleesi from going macaroni-yellow - trust me.

Blonde Hair Care (via Chic Now)

What I'm using: Bumble&bumble sulfate-free Color Minded Shampoo (daily) & Shades Purple Conditioner (weekly) - similar here

How To Care for Blonde Hair (via Chic Now)

Considering going blonde? Or do you have good hair care tips? Share share. Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @maevestier.

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