Chic This Week 011

Chic This Week 011 (via Chic Now)

ZIMMERMAN. This is at the tippity-top of my wishlist. I am 130% into the flowy romantic vibes they've been putting out. I'll take 10 of everything.

Tassel-backed beach bae. This is the prettiest coverup you'll find all summer.

Upgrade your boyfriend's button up. You know I love a good twist on a classic, and I've been seeing unconventional oxfords everywhere - think off-the-shoulder button-ups where it looks like the collar reaches all the way around the shoulders, or pieces like the one pictured where it looks like another pair of sleeves were tied in a bow. Storets has especially been killing the game in this department.

The new lipstick the internet is freaking out over. Looks clear, goes on pigmented, and has a flower trapped inside. SO Beauty and the Beast-ish.

Spicy little notepad. OK so I'm a list freak - I seriously make a to-do list every day, and if my notepad is a little more motivational & badass, I'm a happy girl.

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