How to Stock a Chic Bar Cart

How to Stock a Chic Bar Cart (via Chic Now)

Let's talk cocktails today, k?

Once you pass the 21 mark, I think it's a solid life skill to be able to make a good drink.

...but I had zero clue how to make one. Since moving into my new place, my bar cart has been SO bare. I decided not only was it time to do some serious research and stock it, but also stock it thoughtfully. Stocked to entertain and make chic little cocktails with a kick.

How To Stock A Bar Cart (via Chic Now)

(FYI: my bar cart is an under-$30 IKEA hack. I bought this cart and spray painted it a moody, Gatsby-ish black and gold)

Bar Cart Essentials (via Chic Now)

Step one: the booze

I decided that I wanted to stock bourbon, tequila, ginwhite rum, vodka, and lemon vodka. It's also important to grab some triple-sec, an orange liqueur in many of your (read: my) favorite cocktails.

Bar Cart Necessities (via Chic Now)

Step two: ingredients

I made the next decisions based off of the cocktails I wanted to be able to create. I made sure to grab sugar cubes, bitters, salt, lemon juice, lime juice, grenadine syrupmint leaves, simple syrup, club soda, tonic watercola, and ginger beer.

What to Buy for a Bar Cart (via Chic Now)

Step three: bar necessities

Lastly, I wanted to make sure I had the tools (and awesome glasswear) I needed. I like my bar cart to look good but also be functional, which is why I keep shot glasses, martini glasses, and a gold shaker on thereall of which are pretty gifts from friends/fam. I also like to keep cute decorative straws, a handwritten bar menu, and a pretty bowl to hold lime & lemon juice on the cart. An 80's Kate Moss hangs above the bar just to keep an eye on everything.

Easy Best Mojito Recipe (via Chic Now)

[My first drink-mixing endeavor: mojito, served in a tall gilded glass with a decorative straw]

Step four: wtf do you do with all that?

With the ingredients I listed above (and the addition of ice), my bar menu includes:

Margarita, Mojito, Mint Julep, Lemon Drop, Daquiri, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Gin & Tonic, and Moscow Mule. Plus whatever other mixtures you or your guests see fit. That's a pretty damn good list, no?

My last little tip? always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge - you never know when you might need to celebrate.

Blogger Bar Cart (via Chic Now)

And there you have it - a well-stocked (and v chic) bar cart. Thoughts? Am I missing anything? Was this post too boozy? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @maevestier. Cheers!

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