Shopping Hacks: how to SAVE when you shop (via Chic Now)

Let's talk shopping realness today, shall we?

This weekend I scored this killer shirt I'd been eyeing on Revolve but hadn't purchased because I felt it was a touch overpriced. I ended up getting it for $40 by shopping smart.

That made me realize something: I almost always manage to get a discount or find something for less, even if it's marked as full-price/not on sale. And while yes, there are things I will (and do) 100% pay full-price for, I'd rather save. Wouldn't we all? Saving really just means more shoes.

Here are my top 5 little shopping secrets that will almost always help you save - Because badass babes know how to budget.

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1. Use Google's shopping tool: You've decided that you definitely need that new bag - but what if there's another site selling the same exact bag for less? Google has this handy little tab called "shopping", and if you search for what you're planning on buying, it will show you all the stores it can find that are selling it and for how much. Most of the time you'll find a site selling exactly what you want for less than the others. There's another site called ModeSens that does this as well (and will alert you when the price drops on any site).

2. Find discount codes: When you're checking out online there will always be that little box asking if you have a promo code or discount of some kind. I use this as a reminder and will immediately open a new tab and search for "[store name here] promo code". Almost every single time you'll find a code that will work and slash your final price.

3. Sign up for those annoying store emails: UGH I know, but stay with me here. All those spammy emails can actually be pretty helpful. They'll alert you about sales at your favorite stores and offer those coupon codes that you're searching for online. If there's a dress you've been wanting at Madewell and you suddenly get an email about a flash 50% off sale, those emails don't seem so annoying.

4. Check the big discount sites: Nordstrom rack, Saks Off-Fifth, The Outnet, Gilt, Rue La La, and all other big discount sites will always carry items that haven't been discounted yet elsewhere.

5. Go straight to the source: When all else fails, try in-store. I scored that new shirt I mentioned earlier by just happening by it in the sale section of Free People. I didn't even know it had been marked down and it's still full-price online at both Free People and Revolve. Trying in-store is also helpful when you've already found something on sale online but they don't have your size, as stores are more likely to have your size in stock.


Let's face it: I shop a lot, and these are the little hacks that have helped me to keep up that habit without killing my budget. Did I miss anything? Let me know your best shopping tips in the comments or on Twitter @maevestier - I'd love to hear them!

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