How To: Edit Instagram photos like a blogger

How bloggers edit their Instagram photos (via Chic Now)

I freaking love Instagram.

I'm on it all the time. I might be a little addicted.

When I first got one, I would put up whatever photos I wanted (heavily filtered... eek). When I started blogging and my Insta was no longer a personal account, I started working on it so that it could reflect the overall aesthetic & vibe of Chic Now.

I spent some time checking out all those pretty, shiny, gorgeous other blogger accounts and noticing what they did/what I liked/what exactly makes an Insta feed look so damn good (#feedgoals). Some 'grammers have this down to an f-ing science. From all my research, I've picked up a few things, and my Instagram has definitely benefitted. I feel like I've cracked the blogger Instagram secret - and I have to admit that now I'm pretty proud when someone asks me how I edit my photos.

Trivial as it is, I want to share my dirty little Instagram secrets with you:

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How I Edit My Instagram Photos (via Chic Now)

Key key key: Install VSCO and, if you don't mind spending the money, buy some filter packages (I think I have almost all of them - which, tbh, is a little much). Find a filter you like and marry that thing. That's now going to be the filter you use on everything. Cohesion is key with an Instagram feed, so you want all of your photos to be of similar quality and similar color - that's where your filter comes in.

So, Step 1: Filter in VSCO. I really like C6, which gives my photos a slightly pink tint. I'll put it at about half strength so it's not so overwhelming.

How I edit my Instagram photos (via Chic Now)

Step 2: Save the photo from VSCO and open in Instagram. I like to use the "Moon" filter (yes, the black & white one) on about 10% to brighten & slightly fade the photo.

How I edit my Instagram photos (via Chic Now)

Step 3: If the photo needs it, I'll add a tiny bit more brightness. 

And bam, suddenly all my photos look cohesive and pretty together.

It's not the hardest thing in the world to do, but I'm OCD about these kinds of things - especially when it comes to the blog. It's the little things that count, right?

How I edit my Instagram photos (via Chic Now)

What about you guys? Do you have an Insta routine? Think it's all a little insane? Let me know in the comments below! xx

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