EVERYTHING you want to know about the Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie Lip Kit gid (via Chic Now)

I have a confession to make:

I am *obsessed* with Kylie's Lip Kits.

Yes. In case you haven't heard the hype, Kylie Jenner (of Kardashian fame) has created matte liquid lipsticks (and now lip glosses) and, to be perfectly honest - they're UNREAL.

When the reviews started rolling in from pretty much every reliable beauty source that these were the best matte liquid lipsticks ever, I decided to try them out myself. They do. not. disappoint.

So - here's every question you have about Kylie's Lip kits, answered:

Kylie Lip Kit (via Chic Now)

Which lip kits do I own? ALL OF THEM (jk, I wish). I have Candy K (above) and Koko K

Let's talk color: Candy K is waaaay darker than I thought it would be. I almost ordered Dolce K because I wanted more of a nude shade. Very glad I purchased Candy instead - it's more dark rose-y nude than it is pink. Koko is a my-lips-but-better color: a light, pretty, nude pink. (For a swatch to show the difference in color, click here)

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K (via Chic Now)

How did you get them? While Kylie's lip kits sell out on her site in about 5 minutes each time (not kidding), I wanted one badly enough that I actually downloaded her app in order to be notified ahead of schedule when these babies would go on sale. I was on a mission, k?

If you're not as dedicated as I am, there are also instagram accounts dedicated to updating people on release dates. If you want one, you need to be online right when these go on sale.

Kylie Lip Kit Koko K (via Chic Now)

How much are they? $29. Which seems steep, but then I think about every single trip to Sephora and realize that it's pretty standard for a bomb AF lipstick. Definitely worth it.

Overall thoughts? Color payoff is insane, comes with a perfectly-matching lip pencil, dries matte and velvety but doesn't feel drying or gross. Also, the biggest perk for me is that it 100% does. not. budge. Eat, drink, and be merry, because this won't smudge, transfer, or move until you want it to. So you can wear your lipstick and still kiss your date.

Kylie Lip Koko K (via Chic Now)
Kylie Lip Candy K (via Chic Now)

[Koko K on the left, Candy K on the right]

Next Lip Kit I'd buy? Mary Jo K. A classic red that won't fade or smudge? Count me in.

Any other questions? Leave them below or tweet me @maevestier, I'm happy to answer!

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