Chic This Week 001 (via Chic Now)

Jewelry meets tech. A smart ring (and now bracelet too) that subtly buzzes when you get an important text, call, or other notification on your phone. You program what's important, and your jewelry will do the rest. Never have your phone out during a date or girl's night again. Brilliant.

The classics. Thanks to Netflix, I caught up on some old Marilyn movies this week, including The Seven Year Itch and How To Marry A Millionaire. If all you've seen of Monroe is wall decor for tweens, you need to go watch her movies. Such a badass babe.

Lucite. I've been lovingg the look of a good lucite table. I'm currently in the market for a console table and there's  an 80% chance it'll be lucite. Done right, it's such a chic home addition.

Mirrored sunnies. This site has some killer (and very festival-worthy: looking at you, Coachella) sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors.

Goop CEO on the one word every leader needs.

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