Chic apartment hacks you NEED to know (via Chic Now)

Since I'm in the process of decorating & organizing an entirely new apartment, I thought I would share a few of my best tips/hacks that I've learned along the way. This is the list I'm living by right now - so hopefully these will save you a lot of time/energy/money/hassle at some point. Side note: these are not photos of my new apartment! An updated apartment tour will be coming soon.

If you're not currently moving or redecorating, press that pin button on the top right of the photo above (from my first New York apartment!) and save this post on Pinterest for when you'll need it later.

1. Pick a color palette before you start buying things.

This will SERIOUSLY help so much. And don't just pick it, write it down and stick to it. That way, everything you purchase will fit perfectly into your new space. I'd stick to choosing a neutral or two (ex: white & gray or black & white, etc) plus a main color and an accent color. Choose one metallic as well (gold, copper/rose gold, or silver) for decorative pieces, frames, and/or furniture finishes. So, for example, you could have a color palette of dark wood & gray (neutrals), navy (main color), aqua (accent color), and silver (metallic). If you have some furniture/decor already, base your palette off of what you already have.

Chic Now Pinterest (via Chic Now)

2. Pinterest is your lifesaver.

Search for inspiration. Find furniture you like, small-space ideas, interesting color palettes - the list goes on and on. To see what's been inspiring my apartment, check out my Decorate board on Pinterest (above).

3. For bulk furniture shopping (think: IKEA), plan ahead.

Figure out what you want to get ahead of time online so you're not in the store for hours & not spending on additional things you don't need.

4. DIY and IKEA hacks.

This is a great and creative way to make your furniture look like a million bucks when you don't have nearly that much to spend. So far for this apartment, I've upgraded an antique chair and discovered a chic IKEA hack for my kitchen. I'll be sure to point out both in my upcoming apartment tour!

Chic apartment hacks you NEED to know (original image via The Design Chaser)

5. Pillows make a world of difference.

Want to make your apartment feel more home-y, cozy, and put-together? Add pillows. Weird but so true, adding pillows to a couch, bed, or chair will have that effect. They are very worth the investment. (Image via TDC)

6. Check online for killer deals.

Joss & Main, Wayfair, Overstock, Gilt, and One Kings Lane are some of my favorite sites to score some kickass discounts. Also, always check to see what popular sites like West Elm and Anthropologie Home have hiding in their sale sections. For non-upholstered items (thanks, Mom, for instilling in me an enormous fear of bed bugs) like TVs or tables, scope out Craigslist.

Chic apartment hacks you NEED to know (original image via

7. Baskets are the bomb.

The easiest way to de-clutter a space and keep it looking Pinterest-worthy round the clock is to utilize cute baskets. Keep some on a shelf, next to your couch, in a closet - anywhere you need - to hold odds-and-ends and keep your space looking clean & organized. (image via Trendspanarna)

Chic apartment hacks you NEED to know (original image via A Pair & A Spare)

8. Creative storage solutions.

If you don't have a ton of space, find creative storage solutions in addition to baskets. Anything you have can be organized and stored on-display - a clothing rack for your extra clothes can become a piece of art and interest in a room, or a ladder & some wooden boards (above) can be turned into an interesting shoe rack. (Image via A Pair & A Spare)

Everything above has been a serious factor in my apartment decor process, so hopefully it can help you as well. Cheers & happy decorating!

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