UPDATES ON UPDATES & a big blog makeover

Minimalist Flat Lay (via Chic Now)

Alright guys, hang in there, because I'm about to hit you with a LOT of new information.

There are a ton of updates I’ve been needing to fill you in on.

I’ll try to keep this as short & sweet as possible. Let’s start with the move and go from there:

I’ve full-on moved to Washington, D.C.

There are several reasons for the move, and I’ll start with this: I’ve decided to shift my focus over to the blog.

I moved to New York to model, and while the past two years of modeling there have been incredible, it lead to finding something that I’m even more passionate about: this blog. Will I still model? Yes, but on a much smaller scale than I was in New York. My heart and soul are going to be poured into this blog from now on.

Ok... why DC?

For starters, I now have a job here in marketing! I’m working with an incredible team and loving what I do. So I start my day with marketing and end it with… more marketing. For the blog. My whole life, ladies and gents.

Secondly, it’s a lot easier to work on the blog as much as possible during my downtime when I have a kickass other half helping me out when I need it (thanks, C).

On to the re-design: you’ve probably noticed that the blog name has changed.

I chose “Girl x Garment” when that was the equation of my modeling life. Now that I’m no longer in NYC working full-time as a model, it makes sense that the blog evolve with that.

So, welcome to Chic Now.

(via Chic Now)

You’ll still see a lot of fashion posts, but I’m also working on adding in more lifestyle content - which also means more posts overall (!!!). I also might be working on a layout change for the blog, but I didn’t want to hit you guys with tooo much at once.

Lastly, moving to a new city means that I’m now in a brand new apartment, AKA I get to decorate a brand new apartment. I just moved in last week (which is why the blog was pretty silent.. eek!), & it’s slowly coming along. I’ll be posting a new apt tour once it’s looking the way I want it to, and possibly some updates and DIYs along the way.

Thanks for all the support - Cheers!


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