The small step you're skipping that makes your lashes look PERFECT (via Girl x Garment)

Alright, let's cut right to the chase: I've started using something recently that is a lash game-changer. We're talking next-level, longer, prettier, bat-them-all-day-because-they-look-so-damn-good lashes. Not lash extensions. Not false lashes. Not even something to replace your favorite mascara.

Lash. Primer.

Makeup (via Girl x Garment)

Kind of like mascara you put on before mascara, but it's clear and makes your lashes PERFECT. It just puts a coat on your lashes to thicken, elongate, separate, and make them stay put. I'll use an eyelash curler, pop this on, and follow with whatever my current mascara is (right now it's Too Faced "Better Than Sex"). 

Also I feel like I should just add that this is not at all a sponsored post. I am just that excited about how bomb my lashes look when I use this. Am I the only one that is this OCD about my lashes?!

Lashes Like Whoa (via Girl x Garment)

(Super flattering/soft sweatshirt above can be found here. Mine reads "Long Live The Weekend")

I've been wearing the Dior "Maximizer" version, which I snagged at Sephora, but there are drugstore options that will work just as well - and even a new mascara (Superstar) from L'Oreal that I've heard is awesome & comes with a primer.

SO there you have it: unreal lashes for your next night out (or just whenever). I really enjoy trying new beauty things (read: I like buying new beauty things and having an excuse) so let me know if you want more posts like this.

Cheers! and if you end up trying a lash primer, enjoy your big bangin' no-I'm-not-wearing-falsies lashes.

Makeup (via Girl x Garment)
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