Last-Minute Halloween 2016 Ideas

I love this holiday.

Of course, figuring out a costume can be a struggle. While I've decided what I'll be this year (+check out my deer costume last year!), here are a few other cute, inexpensive & easy costumes I was considering.

Last Minute Halloween Ideas (via Chic Now)

The Cheshire Cat (so you don't have to be just another girl in an LBD and cat ears)

Spice up the typical "cat costume" with some Alice in Wonderland vibes. I love the idea of pairing this costume with a pink or purple velvet dress, but you could also find a cute pink/purple striped dress to stay true to the story. Me-ow.

Last Minute Halloween 2016 Ideas (via Chic Now)


I almost did this last year, but sadly I couldn't find a yellow dress in any stores I went to. Plan a little more in advance by snagging one online (thanks Amazon Prime!) and DIY your own pineapple topper with this tutorial.


I feel like makeup for this costume would be really fun. Beyond that, this doesn't require a ton of effort - just add a horn and a cute white dress. Recommended: glitter shoes and rainbow highlighter.

Last Minute Halloween Ideas 2016 (via Chic Now)

Last Minute Halloween Ideas 2016 (via Chic Now)


This is SO cute. I'm actually kind of mad at myself that I'm not doing this. I've never seen anyone dressed as a snowflake and I think you could get pretty creative with the costume. Again, all you really need is a little white dress - add a snowflake topper and some snowy makeup and you're good to go.

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