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Brandy Melville Festival Fashion (via Girl x Garment)

Top | Shorts | Necklace (sold out) | Shoes | Ring (use code girlxgarmentxoxo for one free month)| Sunglasses | Nail Colors 1 & 2

All photos by Katie Walsh | Kay Jay Dub Photography

So I had planned on creating this fantastic follow-me-around style video for the GxG YouTube channel since I spent the weekend at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival off the coast of Long Island and wanted to bring you guys along with me and share the full experience. That plan failed miserably because my friend and I were having such a blast that we barely got any footage - and when we did, it turned out shaky and blurry! The lineup was insane, and my favorite acts included The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and The Chainsmokers. I'm sad that you guys can't see the highlight reel via video, but at least I can still share my festival fashion here in photo form.

Brandy Melville Festival Fashion (via Girl x Garment)

The festival was two days long and this Brandy Melville look was what I wore on day 1, complete with this halo braid (which I'm now wearing all the time because not only is it super cute but it's perfect for when it's too hot to have your hair down and loose!). My second look was very similar to what I wore in Dubai in this post (gasp!) but with a criss-crossed and shorter crop top.

Brandy Melville Festival Fashion (via Girl x Garment)
Boho Festival Nail Art (via Girl x Garment)

(painted my nails geometrically for a fun boho look)

Halo Braid (via Girl x Garment)
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