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Model: Maeve Stier (via Girl x Garment)

Soo I had planned another post for today but I realized it's been a while since I've updated any of my modeling work on here and then this happened. 

Model: Maeve Stier (via Girl x Garment)

My inner dork (aka the excitable Psychology major that I am) could not be more excited to see my modeling side and my psych-nerd side come together in a national magazine. A few months ago I was booked to shoot this editorial for Psychology Today and I had planned to take some video/behind the scenes footage for the blog but, being me, I ended up being so caught up in the shoot that day that I really only ended up taking I think two videos of the makeup table and maybe one of the clothing rack... oops. But at least I ended up with the final product! It was a fun day shooting with three other models (all of whom are also in the editorial!) and I thought the concept was pretty awesome. It's all very shadow-y and shady to go along with the cover article on deception. The photo I'm in turned out even better than I thought it would. I feel badass. Almost ready to hop into the Bad Blood music video (a girl can dream).

If you guys want to check it out, grab a copy of this month's Psychology Today. I found mine while in the check-out line at Whole Foods (ha!) so I know you can find it there. Cheers!

Model: Maeve Stier, Magazine: Psychology Today

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