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Tank: Lululemon | Leggings: Lululemon

I remember when I first discovered that the Victoria's Secret workouts were online. It was like striking gold. That's how excited I was. Here's the thing though: they never seemed like a complete workout. Since I've started training with the same guys that train the VS girls (at ModelFIT), I realize that the videos were just segments of what they actually do! Plus, now that I've mastered the art of finding workouts online, I have a ton of challenging workouts literally at my fingertips. 

If you ever have those days where the gym is too far or will take up too much time or you'll freeze to death if you attempt the walk, definitely bookmark this page and check out my favorite at-home workouts below. I'll warn you though: these aren't all for your easy rest days. I'll normally start off by doing 25-30 mins of cardio of my choice and follow it up with a mix of these. Ready, set, sweat:

ABS: [Fitmiss] [Blogilates: Obliques] [Blogilates Extreme Abs 1 & 2] [Blogilates Abs on Fire]

LEGS: [Cosmo] [Tribe Sports] [Popsugar] [Glamour Miniskirt Workout]

BOOTY: [Fitness Mag] [Blogilates] [Cosmo]

ARMS: [Buzzfeed (Beginner)] [Blogilates] (<<You'll never use your arms again)

TOTAL BODY: [Popsugar Victoria's Secret Inspired] [Blogilates] [Popsugar]

I'd love to know if you have any personal favorites that you do - I'm always looking to add to this list!

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