Instagram: @MAEVESTIER | Girl x Garment

A little roundup of what I've been up to lately that hasn't made it onto the blog. To keep up with what I'm doing regularly, check out my instagram.

Girl x Garment

[Sneak peek of an exciting new collab coming up next week]

Stay Gold | Girl x Garment

[Near Golden Gate Park on my recent trip to the west coast]

Bubble Tea | Girl x Garment

[Addicted to bubble tea! I've been getting them a lot in the city]

Firestone Walker | Girl x Garment

[Awesome addition to a relaxing girls' day in California: sours tasting at Firestone Walker Brewing Co]

Model: Maeve Stier | Girl x Garment

[FINALLY got around to replacing my old/dying/hard-drive-failing laptop. I'm a little excited.]

This is not how you spell "Maeve" | Girl x Garment

[My horrendously butchered name on a Starbucks cup. Note: I actually spelled it out for them and this still happened]

Hope you've all had a great week! Cheers

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