Model's Skincare Routine

Skincare | Girl x Garment

Let's be honest: having heavy photoshoot makeup on my face on a regular basis isn't good for my skin (or anyone's!). When my work schedule gets busy, it can be a nightmare. Since I'm in a profession where I'm expected to show up to a job with great skin every time, skincare has always been a really important part of my daily routine. Over the years I've found a handful of products that make the process of taking care of my skin quick and easy.

Model's Skin Care | Girl x Garment

One // Aveeno Face Wash: I wash my face with this cleanser every night. It's very gentle, which is a must for my sensitive skin, and removes any additional dirt or makeup from my face.

Two // Clinique Makeup Remover: THIS. This stuff is the best freaking makeup remover you'll ever use. I've had the craziest, darkest waterproof smoky eyes for work and when I get home this makeup remover gets every single little bit of it off. It doesn't sting or feel rough on the skin or require a lot of scrubbing. If you have makeup on, it's SO important to take it off at night, and I know a lot of people don't because they're too tired or forget. This product will make it quick and painless and you'll feel so much better waking up with a clean face.

Three // Neutrogena Sunscreen: Your mom has said it, your doctor has said it, magazines have said it, and models have said it - wear sunscreen. I'm not kidding when I say that I wear sunscreen every single day, no matter what season or how sunny it is. It's the best thing you can do for your skin! This particular sunscreen is made for your face and doesn't feel oily or gross when it's on.

Four // Caudelie Eye Cream: When I'm feeling really tired, the last thing I want is to wake up with big dark circles or puffiness around my eyes. This eye cream is a fantastic investment and I wake up looking well-rested - even if I don't feel it.

Five // Retinol Cream (not pictured): Before heading to bed, I use a retinol cream to hydrate and brighten my skin and combat any imperfections. In the beauty world its reputation is that it's for older skin (for anti-aging), but it's also craaaazy good for younger skin as well. Check out this article on to scope out some options!


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