Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys (via Girl x Garment)

Alright, let's face it: guys can be so difficult to buy gifts for. Unless they hint at things that they like or need (so appreciated!), a lot of times I'm left feeling totally clueless (aka why this post took me a bit longer than expected). So finally, here are ten good gifts for the guys - which they should like, because I enlisted some help while putting this together (thanks, C!).

1. Since you know he'll be traveling quite a bit | 2. Classic & sleek black watch | 3. Phone case that doubles as his on-the-go speakers | 4. Because he probably has everything else | 5. His new favorite gym shirt | 6. This thing is pretty cool |  7. To track his training | 8. Always handy | 9. Blueprint of his team's turf | 10. The perfect double-layer jacket

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