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Rose Gold Soho Fifth Watch (via Girl x Garment)

Confession: I've never liked watches. For some reason, no matter what brand, I could never find a watch that I liked enough to want to wear it constantly. Plus, living in a digital age, I never felt like I needed one since I always had my phone with me.

Then this beautiful rose gold piece of perfection happened. I can't believe I'm making an entire blog post about one watch but THAT IS HOW OBSESSED I AM. I discovered The Fifth Watches via their drool-worthy Instagram and, as a girl well-versed in marketing, I was super impressed with their branding. They're all about the number 5 - five styles of watch, available for five days a month, starting on the fifth. They have an awesome selection, but this particular "Soho" watch from their New York line was my favorite.

If you're a fan of the minimalist look and want to check out some other brands, here's an under-$50 option, a similar Kate Spade piece, and a Classic Daniel Wellington option.

Rose Gold Fifth Watch Flatlay (via Girl x Garment)
Rose Gold Soho Fifth Watch (via Girl x Garment)
Fifth Watch Soho (via Girl x Garment)

[packaging was also super cute, and the watch came with a peach leather band and a light grey leather band as well]

Rose Gold Fifth Watch (via Girl x Garment)

[bracelets via Rocksbox]

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