Blake Lively Makeup Tutorial!

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Blake Lively has been one of my favorite celebs since her Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants days (side note: at this point we realize those pants were straight-up jeggings, right?).

When I spotted this gorgeous photo of her on Pinterest a while ago, I really wanted to recreate her look - but I'll admit, I was definitely intimidated by the BRIGHT hot pink lip. If done right, a bold lip color can look bangin'. If done wrong - not so much.

The most important part of this look is to balance out the pink. You can't go super heavy on the eye makeup or it looks a little cray (read: you'll look like an overdone Barbie doll), so this tutorial should help you to find that perfect balance. This is such a great look, especially with holiday parties and New Years events around the corner. Have fun channeling your inner Blake!

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