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Model's Tips on how to stay motivated

Original photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

Here's no secret: fitness plays a big role in my life. I've been lucky, and as a model I've never felt pressured to eat or work out a certain way. I work out to be stronger and in good, healthy shape - not to lose any weight. I also really like food and never wanted to restrict my eating habits. So I never have.

That being said... there are a lot of days when my bed is just waaaaaay too comfy and the gym means walking in the cold and I'm sore from my last workout so maybe I can skip today?

So this is it: how I stay motivated to get my butt to the gym even when I am having a  suuuper lazy day. Let me know if you've done any of these or if you try them and they work!

-Go with a friend: This is the #1 thing that will absoluuuutely get me to the gym at any hour of the day, especially on those tired mornings. I hate cancelling on friends, so when I make a plan to hit the gym with them, I stick to it. Having someone that's motivating you to go is wonderful - and there will be days when you'll be there to motivate them, too.

-Fun gym clothes: Okay, this might sound weird, but when I started updating my gym wardrobe and getting cool tops or fun patterned leggings, I realized that I was excited to go to the gym and wear them. Call it a weird girly thing, but sometimes I feel like if I just found a fantastic work-out top, I really really want to wear it. My favorites are the Lululemon "Wild Tank" and "Power Y Tank" tops, but I've also found some great (& inexpensive!) active wear at Forever 21. Also, this doesn't mean I'll never wear an old high school tee-shirt and regular shorts to the gym, just that some days I need a little extra push out the door, and this does it!

-Bring something to do while you're crushing your cardio: I get a looooot of reading done at the gym. I'll bring an iPad and either read or listen to a book while I'm on the treadmill/arc trainer/bike/whatever machine I'm using that day. Alternatively, some days I'll watch something on Netflix or Hulu. It's easy to make yourself go to the gym when you know that while you're working out, you'll be reading the next chapter of The Goldfinch or catching up on the latest Bachelor episode (eep! My guilty-pleasure show).

-When all else fails, go to a class: My gym offers a wide variety of classes throughout the day, so on those mornings when I need someone else to be in charge of my workout and tell me what to do, I'll go to a class instead of doing my own thing. Recent favorites include 30/60/90, Barre, and ModelFIT classes. If you work out at home or your gym doesn't offer classes, I seriously recommend Blogilates on YouTube.

-Don't go hard every day of the week: I take rest days. If my body needs a breather, I'll go to a relaxing yoga class and save the hardcore workouts for another day.

-Set positive goals: Personally, I don't like to use goals that have to do with a number on a scale. Instead, I like to challenge myself - if I did twenty reps last time, then today, I'm going to challenge myself to be strong enough to do twenty-five. To me, this is a healthy and achievable way to set goals, and I never come home feeling unhappy.

-Remind myself why I'm there: Sometimes all I need is to take a minute to remind myself that I feel happier and healthier when working out is a part of my daily routine.

So there you have it! On days when I need a little extra motivation to hit-up the gym, these always work for me. Cheers!


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