Holiday Gift Guide For Girls

Girl x Garment's Holiday GIft Guide

It's no secret: I love giving gifts.
 Gifting is pretty much my love language so I like to put a lot of time/thought/energy into personalizing gifts as much as I possibly can. Sadly, this can also be very expensive and time consuming, so I thought I would toss together a quick gift guide for your sister/mom/best friend/cousin/whoever you still need to get a great gift for!
And before you wonder - no, these are not gifts that I purchased for friends & family this year (that would ruin the surprise!) but these are all things I would purchase for them in a heartbeat.
And get this: everything is under $50! So without further ado:

1. Gold Anthropologie Monogram Mug: $10. Let me just say that my sister and I are OBSESSED with these mugs. When they sold out before we could get our hands on them last year (heartbreaking) we bought the regular black & white Anthropologie monogram mugs to fill the void. We then got so excited when the gold ones were back this year that we each got one of those too. We just really like them. A lot.

2. Kate Spade Eye Mask: $26. This reminds me of the eye mask in Breakfast at Tiffany's!

3. Voluspa Candle in "Santiago Huckleberry": $26. Never have I ever... been so in love with a candle. The jar is super pretty and the scent is amazing. I've burned through at least three.

4. Baublebar Ear Jacket Earrings: $32. I'm really into unique jewelry lately (bring on the ear cuffs), and I like how these are pretty but still have that ear-jacket cool vibe.

5. Sequined Jacket: $24.95. The perfect sparkly piece to give before New Years celebrations begin.

6. Fuzzy Scarf: $48. I never want to take this thing off! I got one last year and it is the warmest fluffiest scarf ever.

7. "Don't Worry Be Yoncé" Print: $14. My roommate made one of these for our gallery wall and we get complimented on it all the time. This is such a fun addition to a space!

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