Side Braid

Thick Elsa Side Braid | Girl x Garment

If you've been following the blog lately (or if you've seen me in person) then you'll know that I've been loooving this braided hairstyle. It's fairly simple, and since I feature it a lot I figured I'd share a how-to. It's not an exact "Elsa" braid but it's kind of my take on it! Check out the steps below to try it for yourself:

Thick Elsa Side Braid | Girl x Garment hair

1. Start with a side-part and taking a 1-inch section, begin a normal french braid along your face, only adding pieces from the front.

2. When you reach your ear, begin adding pieces from the other side of your head.

3. Once you have gathered all of your hair into the braid, continue with a normal braid.

4. Secure with an elastic once you've finished the braid. I prefer to use little clear elastics (they look nicer!) but I only had a regular hair tie on-hand today.

5. This is probably the most important step to making the braid look the way it does. After the braid is secured, start pulling at sections to loosen them up. I try to pull at only the edges so that the braid doesn't completely fall apart. You can loosen it as much as you want - I tend to pull at it a lot since it gives me a thicker, messier braid.

6. And there you have it! Once you've finished loosening the braid to your liking, you might want to take the elastic out and secure the ends once more.

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