Making Waves

8 Minute Tousled Model Off Duty Waves

I'm still surprised at how easy it is to do this. I normally wear my hair stick-straight, since that's how it is naturally and thus requires zero effort (aka I can sleep longer), but in the past few weeks I've been using this super quick & easy trick on the occasional morning before I head to a casting. And, while I do feel like I've gotten one step closer to achieving that Kate Moss-esque "model off duty" hair, the real reason why I've continued to do it is because this takes me less than 8 minutes (yes, I actually timed it before creating this post). Check out the steps below to try it out for yourself!

1. I start off with dry, clean, natural hair. The only tool you'll need is a hair straightener. Side note - I haaaate hairspray so I don't use any & the waves still stay intact all day.

2. Grab a section of hair and clamp your straightener on it, as if you were about to straighten your hair.

3. Twist the straightener 180 degrees (so that the back side of the straightener is now facing front)

4. Keeping it twisted, run the straightener all the way down to the end of your hair (you don't need to do this part slowly).

5. Grab another section of hair and repeat!

6. Once I've gone over all of my hair, I'll just run my fingers through the waves to loosen them up. Voila!

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