meet your no-bs fashion blogger


I created Chic Nowโ„ข (formerly Girl x Garment) to use as a creative outlet during my downtime and to have the opportunity to share my life & style with family and friends. You'll find posts & inspiration in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, dating, DIY's, and whatever else I'm up to.

Hey, I'm Maeve. I'm a 24-year-old New York model-turned-blogger aiming to be your no-BS source for a chic life & style.

I'm here to be your online bff,

& I'll tell it like it is. I wear clothes that work with my personal style and that I think look great, whether they're on-trend or not.  I'm not here to play by anyone else's rules (and you shouldn't, either).

I'll give you advice on what shirt to wear to a party, how to pull off dark lipstick, and what curling iron will leave your hair looking f-ing bomb. 

And none of that will be half-assed. I also won't promote something just because a company is asks me to. I'm not here to leave things out or give bad advice - I'm here to tell you what'll look drop-dead amazing, just like your best friend would.

so, let's get chic together - & let's do it now.


1. How would you describe your style? I tend to gravitate towards clothes that are feminine but have an edge to them. I like to have that cool-factor in my clothes - give me a strategically-placed cutout or some killer leather detailing any day.

2. What camera do you use and who takes your photos? I use a Nikon DSLR with a variety of different lenses. The majority of shots on my blog are taken by my boyfriend, but when I work with photographers their info will be credited within the post.

3. How tall are you? 5'9"!