Accidentally on Purpose

Layered Spring Style

Tee | Cami | Cardigan | Denim | Bag | Shoes

You've probably noticed that I'm really into the layered look.

I can't get enough. But since layering is *everywhere*, I want to bring you something more than just a simple cami & tee look (even though this cami looks freaking awesome over a basic top). To add a light Spring layer, I tossed on an oversized cardigan, letting it slip just-so off my shoulders. The accidentally-on-purpose draped effect gives the look a little more character, and is a great reminder that even the smallest styling tweak can impact the entire look.

Layered Lace Cami Street Style
Off Shoulder Cardigan Style
Layered Lace Cami Top
Layered Lace Top Style

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Chic This Week 035

Your weekly dose of new chic finds (via Chic Now)

Swing by your local drugstore to see if you can snag one of Milani's new rose blushes, which have quickly become a cult favorite (and are currently trending on Pinterest).

My high-end obsession of the week: Anna Sui. Her romantic pieces are what feminine-cool outfit dreams are made of.

I went into full DIY mode when I spotted one of these thick knit merino-wool blankets while scrolling through Instagram this week. They seem easy enough to make, so I'm still debating if I should just buy one on Etsy or make my own...

Everyone's best-kept denim secret: Shop Re/Done. All repurposed vintage Levis, all beautiful. You're welcome.

Need a reminder to drink more water? This water bottle syncs with your phone to track how much water you've had & encourages you to hydrate more.

All Pink Everything

I'm still really into blush pinks

Especially now that Spring is (sort of) here. Plan on seeing more light pink pops on the blog - although, are you really that surprised?

Shop some of my rose-toned picks above (especially loving that cheeky phone case & pompom-accented flat) and get inspired to opt for blush hues instead of getting bored with your usual black accessories.

Night-In Essentials

Spa Night Essentials

Fact: I'm an extrovert and a planner. I love packing my schedule so I can see as many friends as possible throughout the week. When I was younger, I used to hate having nights to myself. Now that I'm older and keeping busy, I've come to really embrace my relaxing nights at home when they come around.

These nights have become a sort of self-care time for me,

so today I'm showing you a few things that make my "me-time" that much more enjoyable. 

Spa Night Essentials


Having a scented candle burning makes me feel more cozy and relaxed. Some of my favorites include Feu de Bois, Birchwood Pine, and Santal. In a pinch, I also love placing unscented tea candles around the room.

A good book

Or a movie you've been wanting to watch. Quiet nights are the perfect opportunity to catch up on a book or movie without having to deal with any interruptions. When it comes to movies, I'm especially partial to watching old Monroe classics.

At Home Manicure Spa Night

Bath Bombs

I really didn't see what all the hype was with LUSH products and taking baths but now I have totally changed my tune. Trust me, pick up this bubble bar or this bath bomb and give it a try. You'll thank me later.

Nail polish

No one wants chipped nails (or toenails!), so use this time to remove old polish and paint on a pretty new color. I'm loving light pinks like "Don't Call Me Baby Girl" for spring.

At Home Spa Night

Face masks

You've all heard me rave about face masks before. If your skin is behaving, I recommend a gentle, hydrating mask like Mega Green Galaxy Pack. If you have some problem areas, GlamGlow's masks are helpful (my favorite is Supermud). Don't have a mask? You can make one yourself - Pinterest has tons of easy recipes.

Silk Pillowcases

I haven't slept without Slip's pillowcase since I got one (they're so good for your skin!). Get comfy and catch some ZZZs with a silk pillowcase of your own - and a cute pink PJ set to match.

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Athleisure Street Style Blogger

Sweatshirt | Leggings (similar & similar) | Shoes | Bag

I may be a fashion blogger, but there are times when I just want to throw on an oversized sweater and leggings.

In fact, there are *a lot* of those times. When I'm just heading out to run errands (/wander around Home Goods) or grab a quick coffee with a friend, sometimes I reach for comfy, easy pieces. Often, that means sacrificing my personal style, since "sporty" isn't really in line with what I like to wear.

Slowly, athleisure has begun to make a turn towards more feminine pieces that work with my style - like this top, which is actually a cropped sweatshirt with bow details. Paired with these fishnet-paneled leggings (!!!) and some metallic rose-gold sneakers, the entire outfit comes off as casual-chic while still falling into the athleisure category.

PS: check out my other favorite athleisure pieces at the end of this post

Casual blogger outfit
Fashion Sweatshirt
Bow Sweatshirt Blogger
Athleisure Fashion Outfit
Metallic Rose Gold Sneakers

Photos by Erin Krespan.

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