Mini Getaway

Spring Break Blogger Outfit

Top | Pants (by ASTR, similar here) | Earrings | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bag (similar)

You guys didn't think I was done with posts from Mexico, did you?

I promise I'm working to catch up on all the content I've been creating for you! This is my second (and sadly last) post on my surprise trip to Mexico, which was honestly the most perfect little getaway. I really took the time to relax, get off social media (**for the most part), and enjoy my birthday weekend in Cancun.

Blogger in Cancun, Mexico
Blogger Mexico Vacation Outfit Inspiration

Fact: I pretty much lived in this beach cabana the entire time.

If you know me (and have seen this post), you know how I feel about my skin & the sun. I prefer beaching while sitting under the shade of an umbrella and covered in the highest SPF I can get my hands on (it's so much better for your skin that way!), so these cute cabanas were heaven for me. I caught up on reading, sipped some mojitos, and kept my tropical Spotify playlist on repeat.

Baublebar Tassel Statement Earrings
High Waisted Wide Leg Floral Pants

I'm biiiig on tasseled statement earrings lately, and wore this colorful pair on repeat throughout the trip.

Mexico Moments
Cancun, Mexico
Blogger Resort Style

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GLOSSIER: Worth The Hype?

Glossier Beauty Review

Let's talk about Glossier.

The inspiration for this post goes 100% to you guys. Glossier's branding & advertising has been on-point - I see their stuff everywhere, and it seems like you guys do too, since I have had multiple people ask me what I thought of Glossier / if they should try it out. So, I decided to do a mini-haul for you to let you know if their stuff is really worth the hype.

Glossier Product Review

Basically, Glossier's whole mantra is "Skincare first, makeup second"

Which I loooove. There have definitely been moments where my skin has been less than ideal (we've alllll been there), and I'm always worried about putting makeup on over it. Seems counter-intuitive, right? So the idea of creating products with skincare as the priority definitely appealed to me.

To decide which products to review, I reached out to the Glossier team to find out what their best-of-the-best are. They also gave me a nice little discount for you guys, which you can get at the end of this post.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Glossier Review

First Up: Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

One of their best-selling skincare products, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask, is a 20-minute "juice cleanse for your face" and is meant to detoxify your skin & draw out impurities. You can definitely tell that this is made with avocado and clay because this is a THICK mask. After I had it on for 20 minutes, I noticed that some of the mask had absorbed completely into my skin, and afterwards my skin felt very moisturized. While I'm not sure if it did a whole lot to any excess oil or skin impurities, it left my face feeling fresh & dewy, so I'll definitely use this again as just a gentle, moisturizing face mask.

Glossier Face Mask Review
Boy Brow Review Glossier

The must-have: Boy. Brow.

This was the product I was most excited about and let me tell you: it's 120% worth the hype. Boy Brow thickens, fills-in, and helps to shape brows in that natural way you've always wanted. I really can't say enough wonderful things about this product (which I picked up in "Blond"), so I'll just leave it at this: Cara Delevingne vibes for days.

Bow Brow Glossier Review
Glossier Haloscope Highlighter Quartz Review

Lastly: the rose-quartz highlighter

Glossier's Haloscope "Quartz" highlighter was one of those products I didn't realize I needed until I actually used it. While I love adding a little highlight to the top of my cheekbones (especially Becca "Opal" highlighter & Nars "Albatross"), normally the look can be a little too shiny for everyday wear. Enter: Haloscope. It's the ideal dewy glow without the obvious high-shine. Light-reflecting, but not sparkly. I tried to swatch it on my hand in the photo below, but even that doesn't really do it justice. Just trust me on this one.

Glossier Quartz Highlighter Swatch

Other top sellers to try include: The Super Pack, Milky Jelly, Stretch Concealer, & their new Priming Moisturizer Rich.

AND, Glossier was kind enough to give you guys 20% of your entire purchase with this link. Because, in case you couldn't tell, I think their stuff is totally worth the hype.

Glossier Skincare Makeup Review

Let me know in the comments if there are any other products I should try out! And keep an eye out for the next beauty reviews on Chic Now, including Microneedling (!!!) and Sunday Riley.

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Backstage Beauty at NYFW

Deco Miami NYFW Beauty Nail Art

Backstage at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 with PH5

I was over-the-moon excited to attend New York Fashion Week with nail lacquer brand Deco Miami this season - and we kicked things off with an incredible show by PH5. The brand debuted at NYFW last season in September, and for their February show their collection showcased light & airy knits - qualities that can be so difficult to find in fall & winter looks. As someone who is, you know, obsessed with light, feminine looks, this really was the perfect show for me to see.

And of course: Backstage beauty was on point.

Beauty Concept Board at PH5 NYFW F/W17
NYFW F/W17 Beauty

To compliment the vibrant collection, hair and makeup backstage focused on bringing out the models' natural beauty - but with a playful Deco Miami pop on the nails. PH5 wanted "no-makeup makeup" for the show - fresh faces with just a dewy, healthy glow. I especially loved their direction for hair, which was to keep each woman's natural texture, just with a little messy, bedhead vibe to it. They wanted their models to look and feel confident just as they are. All signs point to a less-is-more celebration of natural beauty on trend in 2017.

On the nails, PH5 wanted to use Deco's colors for large dots, color-coordinated specifically to the look that each model would wear on the runway. Deco Miami's dual top/base coat was then added for a high-shine finish.

Deco Miami Nail Art at PH5 NYFW
Backstage PH5 NYFW
Backstage Beauty PH5 NYFW
NYFW 2017 Nail Art
PH5 New York Fashion Week F/W17

To learn more about the PH5 collection and to see all the looks, check out Forbes coverage here.

++ Check out on Instagram to see all their Fashion Week snaps

(PS: Wondering what I wore to NYFW? Check back next week for all the outfit details)

Isla Mujeres

Blogger Tassel Dress

Dress | Bag (similar here & here) | Sunglasses | Sandals (similar with heel here)

So, Mexico was amazing.

For those of you who don't know, C surprised me with a trip to Mexico for my birthday this year. Since he's aware that he's dating a blogger (and a planner by nature), he kindly told me where we were going just before I started to pack.

We stayed right on the edge of Cancun, directly across from Isla Mujeres, a small island about 8 miles off the coast. On one of our first days, we hopped into a water taxi and headed out to explore Isla.

Fashion Blogger Tropical Mexico Vacation
Blogger Isla Mujeres Cancun Mexico

This dress? Under $60. I lovelovelove when I stumble upon something like this - I don't care if it's from Forever 21 or Bergdorfs as long as it looks good, is well-made, and the price is right. This dress hit all three and is that perfect combination of flowy-but-flattering. Plus, I can't get enough of the playful little tassels.

Off The Shoulder Tassel Dress
Off Shoulder Tassel Dress
Fashion Blogger Vacation Outfit Mexico
Fashion Blogger Isla Mujeres Mexico

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Chic This Week 032

Chic This Week 032


The past two weeks have been fantastic, but unfortunately with all the excitement I neglected the blog a little bit. I also had the opportunity to relax and disconnect from my computer for a little bit - highly recommended. And now I'm back, refreshed, and ready to get back up and running with some awesome content for you guys! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for things like NYFW posts and details on my tropical getaway.

For now, though: Chic This Week.

Shoe shine. YES, metallic footwear. I just got a killer pair of shoes that will be coming to the blog shortly - but if you follow my Instagram Stories (@maevestier), you already got a sneak peek.

ALEXIS. Though pricey, this brand has quickly become one of my new favorites. The florals, the silhouettes, the details... I'll take one of everything.

High-waisted jeans. This is nothing revolutionary, but if you're in the market for some new denim, I *highly* recommend going the high-waisted route. With the right fit, they're so flattering and can be paired with pretty much anything.

Faux blow-out. I love this trick - blow dry your hair as you normally would, then use a straightener to flip the ends out and you've got yourself a super pretty faux blowout for $0. Add dry shampoo to your roots for extra volume.

And, of course: Mexico. If you follow me on Insta, you'll know that I turned 25 last week on a surprise birthday trip to a gorgeous resort right on the edge of Cancun. Major, major credit to C, who planned the whole thing.

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