Beauty Game Changers

Beauty Game Changers @maevestier

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a beauty product nerd and I adore trying new things when I can. Over the past few years, I've found a few products in skincare, makeup, and hair care that I can truly classify as game changers: products that have given me such fantastic results that I'll keep loyally repurchasing them over and over again. While I definitely have parts of my beauty routine that come and go (or change with my skin condition/the season/my mood), these are five products that are here to stay.

Blogger's Beauty Game Changers @maevestier

1. Lash Extensions (Not pictured)

If you didn't catch my full post on my lash extension Q&A and overall experience, you can check that out here. Since getting my first set in November, I've been seriously hooked and have been going back every time I need a lash fill. This has seriously cut down on the time I spend getting ready in the morning and maintenance is super easy. 10/10 would recommend (and, if you're in the Boston area, definitely check out Rise Beauty Studio Co, which is where I have mine done).

2. Dior "Diorskin Nude" BB Cream

This is my PERFECT product. I don't like full-coverage foundations and could never find a tinted moisturizer that I really liked until this Dior BB Cream came into my life. It's lightweight and perfectly evens your skin tone without looking "cakey". It's not crazy glowy. It's not matte. The best way I can describe this product is that it just looks like your skin. Which is exactly what you want, right? Bonus points for having a little sunscreen (SPF 10) as well.

3. Benefit's Benetint

This is one of those products that I always come back to. It was neglected in my makeup drawer when Glossier's Cloud Paint came out, but I've recently come back to it again just because there's nothing that gives quite the same effect. This liquid lip & cheek stain gives a rosy tint to lips/cheeks and is a breeze to apply. While I do love other blushes and lip colors, this is my go-to two-in-one product that gives me that perfectly natural flush in seconds.

4. Sunday Riley UFO

I'm a big fan of Sunday Riley products in general, but this oil has transformed my skin. I'm not super prone to breakouts, but I am victim to monthly hormonal flair-ups. Fair warning: this product purges your skin, so the first week or so when you're using it, expect your skin to get  worse before it gets better. Now that I've been using it every night for the past 6 months, I can't recommend it enough. My skin is super clear and hydrated - so much so that I don't really mind the fact that the product, as best I can describe it, smells like 'spicy herbal salad water'.

5. Bumble&bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer

My hair can get really dry and takes a lot of heat (since wet hair is my pet peeve, I'm constantly blow-drying) and this product saves my hair and keeps it healthy (without weighing it down or making it feel greasy). It's a heat protectant, de-tangler (!!!), and makes my hair feel SO soft and moisturized. I spray this (very liberally) all over my hair after I get out of the shower and before I comb it out and it makes a world of difference.

I'd love to hear what your "beauty game changers" are! Feel free to leave me a comment below or on my Instagram @maevestier.

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Get Lashy: My Eyelash Extensions Experience

Lash Extensions: My Experience


As many of you know, I got eyelash extensions for the first time a little over a month ago. As promised, I've put together a little post to talk about the overall experience and answer any of your questions.

What are lash extensions? Eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes that are placed on each of your natural lashes individually to add length.

Where do you get your extensions done? At RISE Beauty Studio in Boston. HIGHLY recommend. You can check out their Instagram here. 

How long does the process take? For the first application of a full set of lashes, it takes about 1.5-2 hours (they are carefully glueing an individual lash onto each of your lashes, so it takes some time!). For lash refills after that (basically a touch-up), it's normally 30 mins - 1 hr.

No makeup, no problem. Lash extensions

How long do they last/how often do you need to get a refill? This varies depending on the person, but normally lashes don't need to be refilled for 3-6 weeks. So far, I've only gone back once, a little over a month after my first extensions were applied.

Cost? Price can really vary, but no matter where you go, the price will increase if you want a more dramatic look. At my salon, your first set of lashes can be as little as $50. At other salons in Boston, most sets start at around $99-195, and I've seen prices go as high as almost $500. For lash refills after that, it's less expensive - depending on the salon and how many lashes you need, it can be as low as $35.

What is the process like? When I went in, they had me lay down and close my eyes. They apply eye pads under your eyes and gently secure your lower lashes so they are out of the way. From there, it just feels like someone is playing with your eyelashes. For first application, 1.5-2 hours sounds like a long time, but it goes by pretty fast and it's really relaxing - I fell asleep both times.

Lash Extensions

Does it hurt? Not at all! Application doesn't hurt and having the lashes on doesn't hurt at all. When you first open your eyes, sometimes they water because there has been (safe) lash glue near them, but that goes away after a minute.

Can you feel them? Not really. If I look up, my lashes sometimes touch my brow bone, but beyond that the only time I can "feel" them is if I touch my lashes or if it's really windy (ha).

Maintenance? You can't get them wet for the first 24 hours. After that, you can take showers/wash your face/swim as you normally would. Obviously, you're not supposed to rub at your eyes or pull at your lashes. You also cannot use an oil-based makeup remover on your eyes (as it will loosen the lash glue). The ladies at my studio recommended that I use a Q-tip with oil-free makeup remover (I use mycellar water) and just run it along your lash line to keep the area clean.

Lash Extensions

Can you wear mascara? No mascara - but you won't need it! All other eye makeup (liner, eyeshadow, etc) is totally fine, as long as you remove it with an oil-free makeup remover.

Do they fall out easily? Nope, as long as you are following your salon's care instructions.

Does it hurt your natural lashes or make them fall out? Not at all! Your lashes (and therefore, the extensions that are attached to your lashes) will fall out naturally as they do normally. Extensions do not "weigh down" your lashes or make them more likely to fall out.

Does it look real? It depends on how dramatic you want to go! Some lash extensions are very obviously extensions and some are very subtle. I like mine to look more on the natural side.

After Lash Extensions
After Lash Extensions

Warning: you'll probably want to take a lot of selfies afterwards. as seen above.

My style/preferences: There are a few different "styles" and shapes of lash extensions that you can get. My favorite is the "open eye" shape, where extensions are longest in the middle and shorter on the outer edges. What will look best on you depends on your eye shape!

Would you recommend? If there's a salon near you that fits in your budget, then yes! I definitely would.

Will you continue getting them? YES. I'm totally hooked.

About Lash Extensions

Have more questions? Feel free to message me on Instagram!

Thank you to RISE Beauty Studio for my extensions!

First and last photo by Nicollette Petersen.

The Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

Revlon Blow Dryer

My biggest pet peeve? When my hair is wet.

It clings to my neck, it drips everywhere, and it stays wet for hours - which is exactly why I blow dry my hair almost every single morning. A no-fuss, as-fast-as-possible-so-I-can-sleep-a-little-later blow dry. It's something I've done since high school, so I'd like to think that I'm a bit of an expert by now. So, of course I was excited when Revlon reached out and offered to let me try out their new 360 Hair Dryer & Styler. Since receiving the dryer, I've used it every single morning, and today I'm teaming up with Revlon Hair Tools to share my tips for a low-maintenance (and super fast) at-home blowout.

Revlon 360 Hair Dryer Styler

Here's the thing - this hair dryer isn't what you're used to.

Revlon's new tool has two settings: it can act as a normal dryer with a closed barrel, but you can also twist the barrel to create the tool you see above - the "vertical 360 mode" allows you to actually put your hair into the dryer between two jets of air that dry your hair from the front and back - which not only dries it a lot faster, but the air flows downward, so it also helps to smooth down the hair cuticle for less damage/frizz and more shine. 

Revlon 360 Dryer

Step 1: The rough dry. After getting out of the shower and towel-drying my hair, I use the styler as a "normal" hair dryer and roughly dry my hair until it's about halfway dry (about 2-3 mins). I also make sure to flip my head upside-down and blow cooler air onto the roots to lock in some volume.

Revlon 360 Hair Dryer

Step 2: I section off my hair (normally just into a top layer and a bottom layer) with a clip. I'll twist the barrel of the styler to "vertical 360 mode" and start taking sections of hair and running them through the dryer. The KEY here is holding the end of my hair and slightly angling the dryer when it reaches the end so that it gives the bottom of my hair a little bit of a curve (so much easier than trying to curve the end with a normal dryer and a brush!). Since the hair is getting dried from both sides, each section of hair will dry very fast, and if you do the curve-at-the-end trick, you're left with the effect you normally get from a round brush.

Revlon Hair Tools Blow Dry
Revlon 360 Hair Styler

Step 3: Take down top section of hair and repeat with the vertical 360 mode.

Step 4: I'll switch the dryer back to a "regular" hair dryer and go through to make sure all of my roots are completely dry.

Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

Optional Step 5: Pretend you're in a hair commercial

And that's it! Thanks to Revlon's styler, it takes very little time and I'm left with soft, shiny hair. I'm no professional, but this is about as close to a salon-worthy blow-dry that I can get at home (and without getting my hair all tangled up in a round-brush).

Quick & Easy DIY Blowout
Lazy Girl's At-Home Blowout

Shop Revlon's 360 Surround Hair Dryer and Styler at:

Amazon (use code 20360DRYER at checkout to get 20% off while supplies last!) | Ulta | Target | Bed Bath & Beyond | Walmart

Photos by Nicollette Petersen.
Special thanks to Revlon Hair Tools for sponsoring this post.

Summer Glow

Sephora L'Occitane Almond Oil

Everyone is always talking about their summer body - but what about their summer skin? I've teamed up with Sephora to test out L'Occitane's Almond Collection, which is enriched with almond extracts to make skin appear more smooth and supple. While I love bath & beauty products, I'll admit that I rarely take the time to really put more than just sunscreen on my skin during the summer. After trying out L'Occitane's products, I've changed my tune. Taking a few extra minutes for your skin has maaajor payoff.

Sephora L'Occitane Amande Collection

To achieve a dewy summer look (sans oily shine, TYVM), I've been combining my everyday BB cream with a little bit of the Almond Supple Skin Oil. It adds just the right amount of moisture, absorbs quickly, and smells awesome. My skin feels hydrated and bouncy while giving off that coveted summer glow. I also like to add a spray to my collarbones, shoulders, and legs to give them a little extra moisture and shine (think: glowy-VS-model-leg vibes).

Sephora L'Occitane Amande Almond Skin Oil

Also, I've been completely addicted to L'Occitane's shower gel - which is apparently a cult favorite that I've been missing out on. I've had multiple friends look at me like I have three heads when I mention this is the first time I've tried it.

After I hop out of the shower, I'll also use the Almond Milk Concentrate, which locks in that moisturized glow and makes my skin look smooth and even. I mean... my legs have NEVER looked (or felt) so awesome, and I'm seriously impressed.

You can check out L'Occitane's new Amande Collection at Sephora stores or online

Sephora L'Occitane Amande Oil
Sephora L'Occitane Amande Collection

Photos by Erin Krespan.

Special thank you to Sephora for sponsoring this post.

Beautycon NYC 2017

Blogger BeautyCon NYC

Check that one off the bucket list.

Ever since I started religiously following makeup gurus on YouTube, I've learned alllll about Beautycon: a one-day event for all things beauty. It's like Christmas for the beauty industry. So, you can imagine my excitement when Deco Miami asked if I would come for the day as their brand ambassador. I'm pretty sure I just kept shouting YES at my phone.

I spent the day hanging out at Deco's booth in the influencer's suite, scoping out the other sections of Beautycon, and meeting some seriously rad people in the beauty industry. Check out some of my photos from the day below & read more about some of my favorite finds.

What I wore: Bodysuit | Tank | Denim | Shoes | Bag | Nails

Deco Miami BeautyCon NYC

New in beauty

I saw a lot of emphasis on upping your technique and tools at Beautycon this year. Whether it's an entire Korean Skincare regimen in one convenient mask pack, a shakeable mascara that never dries out, or upgraded tools like a silicon foundation blender or a glass nail file, it seems like the beauty focus of 2017 is really on quality. Sign me up.

Pink Carpet

Popular Products

Products this year centered around one of two things: either enhancing natural beauty or adding a statement to your look. I saw a lot of natural-looking brow products, but I also saw a ton of bold lip colors (especially taupes and deep purples). The key here, in my opinion, is balance. I'm all about the natural look, but I'm also not afraid of adding a deep plum lip color for a night out.

BeautyCon NYC 2017


Trends come and go, but there are some aspects of beauty that will never go out of style. Self-care, whether it's in the form of taking a bubble bath or hydrating your skin, will always be something that is important in the beauty industry. Since I was at Beautycon with Deco Miami, it seems fitting to add nail polish to that category. Color trends may change, but painting your nails and keeping them looking nice is just another aspect of self-care that I don't feel will ever get old.

L'Oreal BeautyCon 2017
PrettyLittleThing at BeautyCon 2017
Deco Miami BeautyCon 2017

A huuuuge thank you to Deco Miami for bringing me along for this experience.

They're such a rad company. I literally have their nail polish bottles littered around my apartment because they're too pretty to put away in a cabinet.

Also, would you guys want to see a little haul of what I picked up while I was at Beautycon? I'm thinking of doing one on Instagram Stories sometime in the next few days. Head on over to my Instagram to leave me a comment to let me know if I should!

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